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i'm looking for other mcmanis's any where in the world for family history

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Kelsey and Jennifer,
Initially I could not find anyone named McManis in Tasmanian birth, death or marriage records for the period prior to 1900. I have however found a George McManis sent to Tasmania (then Van Diemen's Land) as a convict in 1824 and a William McManis sent out as a convict in 1842. I can find more details on them if you are interested such as where they were from. They may well have married or died under a different spelling of their names or perhaps left Tasmania. I will see what more I can find
If you could help that would be nice
thanx kelsey
Kelsey, Will check out what I can find on the two McManis convicts. Because of their likely illiteracy it is quite possible that their names were spelt differently on other records. Also happy to suggest other sites in Australia you can search.
William McManis - convict
I will start with Wiliam McManis as the later records have more details. I have looked up his convict records and found the following. William McManis was the son of John and Elizabeth McManis and was from Dublin. He also had 4 sisters who aren't named in his record. He was tried in Salford near Manchester on July 5th 1841 for stealing boots and a suit from Manchester. He had two previous convictions, having served nine months for stealing two silver watches and three months for stealing steel. At the time of his trial he was 24. He was a sawyer, blacksmith and striker. He departed England on January 8th 1842 and arrived in Hobart, Van Dieman's Land (now Tasmania) on May 21st 1842. Several offences are listed during his time under sentence in VDL which also detail the places he lived and who he worked for. There is also a good physical description of him. I am not sure how much detail you are interested in but can send copies of the records if you are interested. I can't post them on the website due to copyright restrictions but they are all freely available. I am happy to help you decipher them if you want to look further. I will look further into his life and see what else I can discover.
Kelsey, Following on to my previous message about William McManis, I can find no record under any spelling of him marrying dieing or having children in Tasmania, nor can I find a record of him leaving. If he went steerage there may be no record at this end. While trying to see whether he went to Victoria in Australia I did find the following link to databases you can search for arrivals and departures. There are some in each index for McManis you may want to check.
Kelsey Having checked the record of George McManis it was a typo in the index and the actual record has his name as McManus. Therefore Willam McManis was the only person with that spelling of McManis that I know came to Tasmania and I don't know what became of him after 1848 when he received his freedom. Seems I have done all I can within Tasmania but will look at what I know of other states of Australia. David


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