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I have visited Ireland, in that, not on bus,with a bunch of fat Americans way, and saw the great interior from a car and little B and B's. My wife as well. Now we want ot move there. Almost anywhere there. We for some strange reason can not shale the idea that living there will be a great move for us both. I guess I am starting this discussion as a way to either confirm or deny the idea that this will be a good idea for us. Any words of wisdom or insight or even some suggestions is the root of it I guess! Thanks!

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Look to previous discussions on this topic; there is a ton of info already posted; not an easy endeavor but a wonderful place just the same.
I dont know how to start(im sensitive today).....
When i visit your side,here,I thougt:Will b lots share lots of things ireland got to live "there".... the allready page and lots gruoprs,etc,means liveireland its a lot of comun share people from everywhere ,even lots from here and live in eire allready.
I can only talk,for myself,but with 8 years experience over there(you can said,early ,but any year,any day at day any hour,)is on my memory allways and b ,until back,because my soul it is all feeling at present,mish so much b in touch,not only for a country"amazing",for irish people too,with 29 and for job reasons,im on customer relation eveyday,and suere even withot living there is extraordinary see how "they keeping on with a smile,jokes everyday "im learn lots first time meet the 1st irish,everyone in world have problems,how was help m,because they look forward keep on and front of in live ...just it si the solutions,in life not is any problem (even big ,big)without solution,by personally experience:even from dublin,tipic everyone start there,..passing wiclow,waterford,wexford(all my lats castlebridge),dingle at co.kerry,cork(music:the corrs city)limerick,and kilkeny from order of years i was,and remember today lots,i know,...lots countys miss,but sure be there for that day i will back....
with these i dont know reasons,the best place with the best i say for personall experience,so
i hope was helpfull,
take care,happy xmas u and your family plenty love around,and best wishes for new year,XXX
We have been to the ol sod 3 x now, especially love the west, clare and kerry, have talked about retiring there someday, have bought some books on the subject, the celtic tiger is drying up and a cottage can be had for 90000 euro and up, was 120000 and up 1 yr ago,they treat the pensioners well there, but health care has a way to go.We are going again this spring,still lots to consider.
I'm a single mom who's also looking to do the same thing. It's a scary idea, but-- like you, I can't shake the idea. I've been there twice in the last year, and am already planning my next trip over this coming spring.

I haven't felt "home" as strongly as when I'm there... I know that some things are going to be harder -- I won't make as much as I do here, etc. but, to me, the quality of life would be far better... I think it would be a fair trade...

For specific advice, there are several sites that give you hints and pointers, but actually gives you links to applications, etc.

In life, you have to follow your heart. You won't be truly happy unless you do.

My worry is-- "Is this a good move for my daughter as well?"
--I'd have to say, YES. Better education, better environment, incredible culture...
She likes the idea. Then again, I think she'd be happy anywhere as long as she was with her mom... :-p

Dublin area may be easier to find work, depending on what you do, BUT the cost of living is outrageous.
Other centers to look for would be Cork, Limerick, and Galway. Kilarney might have some for you to do also, especially if your line of work can cater to tourists...
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!!!!!!!!!
It's a big decission to move anywhere and bigger when it's a different Continent.
You have many choices - if you want to be close to water and water activities there are many beautiful coastline towns and cities all around Ireland. If you prefer to buy some land to work there are many sites on offer at knock down prices depending how much land and which County. If it's a busy city with the coast and countryside a half hour drive away then Dublin is the place for you.
Whatever your decission we welcome you.

Thanks for the welcome! I like Wiklow and that area ad it seems to be an easy drive to Dublin. Is that correct?
Yes that's right Wicklow is about a 40 or 50 minute drive from Dublin City Centre depending on traffic - it's known as the garden of Ireland because it's so green.
Here's a funny website that will help you understand the Irish a bit better - Hidden Dublin
I would love to move to Ireland but paying for such a thing is years away for me. Like Tania, said, i have never felt more "home " then when was there in the fall of 07. hopefully i can make another visit this year.

I have been studying Irish language here in Halifax and would love to find a way to do an immersion program (find a way meaning scholarship or bursary)
1happy new year for everyone!
like is tradition ,on my country,we celebrate the 3 kings",so i wish they blessed everyone with all everyone need for b more happy,healht,and plenty love!!
well,im envy who can planning a trip or bak next spring,wiil enjoy lots and happytimes....
of course is a expensive retired,actually,it is something in comun around E.U. community ,even countrys where any can planning retired overthere when live is aswell is like trie survive,every politic tactic around is treatting the people and our olders like that,for me ,i know after 8 years livving overthere,who really want somthing really good,like live,we need deserve but first pay for it,start be very expensive,got your own house plenty blood and money of work and when we ll be on age of retaired pray for dont see how here they treat like debra said pensioners,but aswell happend in more poor countrys,trust me,and now like my experience,only do the possible on mi present for back on future and i really want and hope will b soon ,someday.
Another or ie.,it is a webbsitte can help ,i now plety publicity its about holydays over but got links,and seachs can help.Then the best information of deppend side u look or like for live or whatever,is the own county,for example,i like my favorite world site is castlebridge,so im look for or ie and on a county council got plenty information,hellps for rents,plannings ,well everything.
And Tania,plenty hopes u could go back,im single mum too,and with 2 litle irish boys,so even ireland was givem the best of my life,so my love for ireland is even on blood,all the best happend in best places,and for so many diferences with their father never change my opinion and love ,because he is one but all i was meet in live in work and places alll ireland and irish people is the best with who i ever convivence and for experience when i lefte 1 year ago after 8 ,and to my own country ,is broken my plans i cant be here long all i do is for back ,my mother cant understand but is simple is live and where best ...well i dont know how said,is experience like said if u live there cant change,i mish lots things and when im mother lots fundamentals on their education and grow live,it is primordial,,its very different even with help of my mum now here i mish lots,i was got lots,and even peolpe is very difrent to everywhere ,for example is imposible find a place so paicefull where only problaby 15 houses around ,familys,schools...well im enjoy these live the citys not is for me...and thnings like that,because even when i was in dublin dosent look like big city,consumist,etc,still painfull.welll
im talking lots and well who can understand me with plenty blalbla?the essential i said.
see soon...bye..


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