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Customer: I'd like to buy a guitar, please. 
Shop Assistant: You're a bodhrán player, aren't you? 
Customer: Ah, How did you know that? 
Shop Assistant: This is a fish and chip shop!
Where did you buy your bodhrán?

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What is the best thing to play on a bodhran?  Solitaire

What is the difference between a bodhran and an Uzi?  An Uzi only repeats 40 times.

What is the definition of perfect pitch?  Throwing a bodhran in the toilet without hitting the sides

What do you call a good musician at a bohdran contest?  A visitor

Wht do you get when you throw a bodhran off the Empire State Buildng?  Applause

What should you do if you drive over a bodhran (or bodhran player)?  Back up.

What do you say to a bodhran player is a nice suit?  Will the defendant please rise.





How many bodhrans are too many?

I sat in on a session last night. I walked in with a drum case over my shoulder and my wife at my side. The case contained my well worn Galway bodhran and Killarney beater. The group eyed us as we went to the bar to order a sandwich. It was late and we both missed dinner. The place was packed as we sat down at the remaining table with our drinks to listen in while we waited for our food. As I noted when I first walked in there were two bodhran players both playing at the same time. One was using a brush so it wasn't too too bad. They had several guitars, violins, dulcimer,a button box and wooden spoons. There wasn't any room at the table because the musicians were sitting in some spots two deep. It was loud but the music was good. And it was good to see both old and young players in the group. The room was alive with good craic and ceol.

The button box player seemed to be looking my way quite a bit. My first thought, the look on his face was saying, don't you dare unzip that case. But, I think it was just one of those musician stares where you have become part of the song and are not really looking at anything. The sandwich was filling and it was getting late. They must have been playing for a couple of hours already. Some started to leave. This would be my chance to sit in as I believe a third bodhran would have been a bit much. The older bodhran player got out of his seat, zipped up his bag, tipped his hat and left. The one behind him pulled up to the table. They were down to three violins, and a very good guitar and button box player. It was starting to sound like a very well rehearsed group.
My Sister came by with her newly painted Bouzouki. She had painted the front with the family crest and motto in a very artful way. Beautifully done. You could not tell by our last name but we get our Irish from our dear Mother. The music must have come from her too because we are both drawn to and love to play Irish traditional music. My wife is Irish also and has a voice that is just as beautiful as she is.


The younger bodhran player with the brush beater zipped up his bag, threw it over his shoulder and left. Now was our chance. We all three went down to the table. I caught the eye of the button box player as he nodded with approval, we sat down. The violin player looked at me as if I should say something, I asked, how many bodhran players are too many? He replied, Thanks be to God, we were just prayin to Jesus, send us another drum player.


I was accepted, the bodhran joke was expected, and a bit milder than usual. But we all agree, although not said, the bodhran is the heartbeat of Irish music! Just the usual bit of craic before you play. We played on into the night. The music said more than words ever could. With the occasional glance and smile we played on and on. The best music always comes at the end of the evening. An evening of diddleeidie. Can't wait until next week when we can do it again.

Ya, Kevin... Karleen told me you were both playing at Sir Ben's last night... sounds like you had a great time. I'm hoping to get down there when you are both there some night... and everyone is mellow and enjoying the bodhran and the bouzouki. And it would be even more fun if Liz brought along her penny whistle and joined in :)


How does a bodhrán player count a 7/8 beat? One - Two - Three - Four - Five - Six - Se - ven


A man did not live up to the required standards and, finally, comes to hell. The devil looks up from his paperwork and says: "Get a seat. I'll be with you in a second." The man sits down. "Busy, eh?", he asks. The devil shrugs, lifts a paper, looks at it and has it burst into flames. Then he turns to the man and folds his claws patiently on the desk. "Eternal damnation?" the devil asks. "I suppose" the man answers, uneasily. "Don't worry, it will seem an eternity in just a moment. Here's your bodhrán. Just go and join the others..."


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