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I call on the people of this forum to support the people of Palestine and to demand an immediate ceasefire, and for Israel to get her troops out of Gaza and open all borders and let aid and supplies into Gaza and the West Bank.
Stop the attacks on Gaza, Israel get out now!

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It is not in the interest of America or Britain to allow a ceasefire as Israel is a pool of foul and festering puss that is a homemade tool for the US and the UK to completely destroy Palestine and eliminate the peoples and the cultra from the face of the earth.

God be with, help, look after and love the Palestinian nation and to the devil cast Israel along with the US.
I am sad about what's happening now... very sad...
All I know is there are many civilian (or ordinary) people on both sides of the borders who are suffering from the war... so sad...
A ceasefire is the very least we all could ask for... from both sides now... (J. Mitchell).
If an elephant and a dog can make friends...

What exscuse are you going to use now, Israel, America and all your apologists, a clearly marked UN school 40+ dead second UN school hit in 24hrs 3 dead in that hit, you are war criminals, God forgive you and you arrogant spokes persons, this is genocide, ISRAEL GET OUT OF GAZA NOW!
While I appreciate where you are coming from, I don't understand why you chose to post here, on a site that is supposed to be dedicated to Ireland, its customs and music etc.
this is an open forum and any subject can be discussed do you not believe in Democracy.
I am trying to highlight the plight of the people of Gaza and hope the good people of this forum will discuss and support my call for Israel to leave the Gaza strip this is a cry for help not a political statement but a call to save the lives of one and a half million people from mass genocide,

God Bless, Gerry.
Of course I believe in democracy and as I said, I appreciate where you are coming from. I meant that sincerely, but was curious why you posted it here is all. My question was not meant to offend or anything like that, just an inquiry trying to get to know how and why people post certain things--without asking the question, and without having your answer i would always be bewildered if that makes any sense. I can hear in your words that this is very close to you and my question truly was not a challenge.
Israel y terroristas fuera de Gaza; por favor mátense entre ustedes pero dejen a la gente de Gaza en Paz
I am very very sorry for Palestinian Nation. Civillians are being killed day by day.. It's a shame for humanity. They are killing innocent people. I do not pay attention for any religion, muslim, christian, jewish, budhist, ... Any people should have a right to believe own god(s) and live in a peace.

(+18 pictures may be included, but still it is 7ucked reality of war.)
"They are killing innocent people". are not both sides 'they' and are not both sides killing innocent people, I hope for peace for both 'sides' in this matter.
P.S. clearly this puts me in a minority here, I support the actions of Israel - but cry over the death of innocents - hopefully the ceasefire will hold.
How can we not say THEY means both sides--it is horrible when killing happens, especially when it is supposed to involve religious peoples. I am truly anti-war, and I know that it makes me a minority. Even talking about it seems to fuel hurt and anger and always gets a reaction. Sad that conversation never solves anything in humanes, but always war seems liek the answer-ick.
I support the people of Palestine and it sickens me that as an American, my tax money is supporting this genocide. The AIPAC Traitors in Congress can give Israel hundreds of billions of $$$ a year, but they can't give their own citizens a decent health care system. WTF?


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