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Irish Proverbs... I'd love to hear one from all of ye'
They bring great wit and wisdom into the air as soon as one is spoke.

Hears one I love:
Yesterday is history,
Tommorow is a mystery,
And today is a gift, thats why it ia called the present.

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I like that one....
"Tri rudai faoin ol:e ol, e iompair, agus e ioc." (Three things about the drink: to drink it, to hold it and to pay for it).
"Bionn chuile dhuine lach go dteann bo ina gharrai." (everyone is sociable until a cow invades his garden).
"God is strong and has a good mother."
"Nior dhun Dia doras riamh nar oscail Se ceann eile>" (God never closed one door without opening another.)
Cad e mar ata tu, Deragonn?
"Snathan fada, tailliur falsa." (A long thread; a lazy tailor)
go raith maith agat---go dtuga Dia fairsinge do chroi i gconai duit.

"Ni he na gaoithe la na scolb." (the windy day is not the day for scallops)
"Nollaig bhrea a dheanann reilig teann." (a fat christmas makes for a tight graveyard)
I like this one very much! Thank you Tim for that one!
"is maith an t-anlann an t-ocras." (hunger is a good sauce)
am loving the proverbs..thank you
luvly thanks..i'm writing all these down so i get to send some to my wee friend in Tyrone bless him..
which is the real meaning of it?


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