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Irish Proverbs... I'd love to hear one from all of ye'
They bring great wit and wisdom into the air as soon as one is spoke.

Hears one I love:
Yesterday is history,
Tommorow is a mystery,
And today is a gift, thats why it ia called the present.

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An old child has a long memory.
I am back to haunt use all once again...
Good to be back is well, hope you enjoyed your rest from me :D
I will upload some photos that I took soon, until then, a proverb.

''He's who asks is a fool for 5 minutes.
But he who dosent ask is a fool forever.''
Maybe you can translate this Austrian saying to Irish:
You are not poor if your dreams don´t come true, poor is just the one who never has dreamed. :-)
I totally love that one! never heard that before. How bout this one:
A tune is more lasting than the song of the birds,
And a word more lasting than the wealth of the world.


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