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Irish Proverbs... I'd love to hear one from all of ye'
They bring great wit and wisdom into the air as soon as one is spoke.

Hears one I love:
Yesterday is history,
Tommorow is a mystery,
And today is a gift, thats why it ia called the present.

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Wonderful !
Thats a beatiful saying Dianne,
There are some really nice ones out there we just need a louder voice so people can hear about the forum !!!

Conor :)
You cannot step twice into the same river, for other waters are continually flowing on.
(dont trust tomorrow do it today) i wish one day to do it.
Oh Di you are so clever, that is so true where do you find these whitty sayings.
i'm sprinting full-tilt !
Conor, Are those your boys in the photo? How old? I have a 10 year old son who
thinks it might be cool to have an e-pen pal. Let me know. Rich
no no, there my brothers im the eldest of the hegarty brothers :) e-pen pal, is that the internet one or the handwriting ones, not too sure, i used to have a pen pal in my previous school he was from america. Im not too sure about the internet one. I'd be more than glad to be a pen pal though :)
Health to the men and long life to the women.
"Pos bean on sliabh agus posfaidh tu an sliabh." (Marry a woman from the mountain and you will marry the mountain.)
Isn't that the truth, you've written above?

"Molann an obair an fear." (The work praises the man).
how about:
"Ni dheanfach an saol capall ras d'asal." (all the world would not make a racehorse from an ass").


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