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Hi All.
just wondering, any of you located in California??
(Northern or soCal)

I'm near Santa Monica...


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Wish I was Alexandra, it's such a beautiful area. Some of my favorite Celtic groups play out that way though, The Young Dubliners (LA), The Fenians (OC), Sligo Rags (OC), Ken O'Malley (LA).

Be sure to check out the Great American Irish Fair in June too.

Happy Cinco DeMayo!
Hi again Dan!
well...California has its advantages and disadvantages. Me personally, I prefer Northern's a lot more scenic, less desertic.....San Francisco would be the place to be!

Funny about the Cinco de Mayo....are we all celebrating it now?? meaning, are we all Mexican for a Day? (kinda like with St. Patrick's??)...or is it just a good excuse to have some Margaritas!??? hahaha
Well I used the celebration excuse to have my share of margaritas, salsas and Mexican beers this last weekend, but I think on LiveIreland we can celebrate "Cinco de County Mayo" and tip your favorite Irish brew. :)

San Francisco is truly one of the most beautiful cities in the USA, but a little cold for my tastes. I'm not sure who said "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco", but they were spot on in my book. I usually freeze my arse off there.
Ha!!! that is FUNNY!!!
I was in San Fran only once, November of 2004....was hoping to get some good shots of the Golden Gate partially covered by fog (as it should be right??)...well, had some crazy sun and no clouds/fog all week!! haha
You never know..
Hi Alexandra - I am in SoCal, too - west L.A. - pretty much sandwiched between Brentwood and Santa Monica - work in Century City. Planning my first trip to Ireland in September and CANNOT wait!!
I live in Murrieta a city in south Riverside county, about an hour and 30 mins from LA. Very nice place to live and raise a family. Murrieta is a neighboring city to Temecula which is known for its many vineyards. Needless to say I have been out to the wineries more times than I can count. :D
Hello. I am in Atwater, north of Fresno by 60 mi. and one hour from Yosemite. I lived in Riverside for 2 yrs. in 1969/70 been in Atwater since 72. I love Ca but hate the taxes.
Alexandra, I hope you are staying safe from the wildfires.
I live in Orange County (La Habra). I have been in the P.C. since '92. I grew up in the Bay Area. I will have to say I prefer Orange County. The weather is nicer.
As a great writer once said, "The coldest winter he ever spent was a summer in San Francisco." You can always tell a tourist in SF, they are wearing shorts and wearing a sweatshirt they bought that says I LOVE SAN FRANCISCO on it.
Oh, by and by. It is said that Mark Twain is the one who penned the summer comment about SF


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