Irish Internet Radio and TV from Dublin, Ireland.

How to listen to liveIreland in HiFi Crystal Clear Stereo with our aac+ streams.

You'll need the latest version of Winamp on Windows or VLC Player on Mac and other *nixes. *iTunes does not currently support the aacPlus format (aac and aacPlus are similar but different beasts). Hopefully Apple will eventually support aacPlus in the next major revision of Quicktime.
*Update Nov 16th 09 latest iTunes / Quicktime aparently has aac+ support will confrim this later.

Winamp [aacPlus]
Streaming CD-quality in stereo that beats Windows Media and MP3. Also a good call if you're trying to skimp on the bandwidth to make sure your company's IT department doesn't notice. You'll need the latest version of Winamp. This stream is also compatible with VLC Player on Mac and other *nixes.

Windows Media Player [aacPlus]
You'll need Windows Media Player and follow the instructions for installing the Orban aacPlus plugin here or click the Orban logo on the right and install plugin.

After you chosen one of the above just click here to listen
A NOTE ABOUT FIREWALLS All of our aac+ streams now stream on port 115 which means you should have no trouble picking them up through a firewall. Now that doesn't mean that your overly paranoid corporate IT staff isn't actively filtering streaming media on your firewall. But that's an entirely different situation and one that neither we nor you can do anything about.

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Bump. Same for me Karst! It's not just you. It's been about two or three days now with no audio feed on channel 1. I use grab radio on my iPhone to stream LI at work and I miss it sorely :( I hope it is fixed soon. click that address on your iphone. working on mine. there a trick to listing and chat using my blackberry?......gaffney
Daithi and liveIreland staffers:

This new aac+ stream is fantastic. Thanks to all for making it available.

you're welcome


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