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I would be interested in finding out where and how St Patrick's Day is celebrated around the world. Others on Live Ireland might like to share details of events they will be attending or involved in. Perhaps after the event people could post images or videos. I will be attending the Westbury St Patrick's Festival in Tasmania.


St Patrick's Day and Festival in Tasmania

Westbury in the North of Tasmania is the site of Tasmania's largest celebration of St Patrick's Day and also has a weekend festival on the weekend that falls nearest to the day itself. The website has details of the events held and also details the towns many connections to Irish history The most important connection is that the Irish community of Westbury harboured and aided the escape from Tasmania of Young Irelanders, John Mitchell and Thomas Francis Meagher.

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Sanne, Have a great day in Vienna. Hobart is one of the few capital cities in Australia that does not have a parade but hopefully one day that might change. I look forward to having a look at the photos of last year's parade in Vienna from the link you have given. David
I am 57 years old and my family has always celebrated St. Patrick's day by going to Mass, and then having a nice dinner with the family which consists of Lamb Stew Soda bread, and Corn beef and Cabbage with boiled Irish Potatoes, and of course a pint of Guiness or two. My Dad always played the songs of Ireland on the Banjo and so we grew up learning the love of good music. Today my son has the same tradition as I have and we are 3,000 miles apart So what we learned has stayed with each of us.
Michael, Tradition is very important and I am glad that your son continues it although far away. Music was part of my grandfather's generation and I am now trying to revive it with my own children. I only have some Irish heritage amongst my branches but there is something deep within that connects with the music and also I think Tasmanians place the same importance on family as the Irish, We had a great day listening to my eldest son play with his band at two different pubs. The first had a lot of Irish expats with everyone joining in. It was great to hear the Irish accents filling the room and a few even had a dance. The dinner sounds wonderful and also very much like what I grew up with. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day. David
I don't want to be bias but Dublin's parade has to be the best celebration of St. Patrick's Day.
The participants and crowd have equal fun. Speaking of which I better get going I'm a volunteer again this year!
Happy St. Patrick's Day to all our friends here and around the world from Dublin.
Brian, I am sure that nothing can compare. Enjoy the parade. I hope that next year I may be able to join you. It would be great to visit the streets my Great Great Grandmotherm Mary Ann Dalton, walked before being sent to Van Diemen's Land for stealing a shawl. According to her convict record she enjoyed a drink so I would love to come back and have one in her memory on St Patrick's Day 2011. David
Now the great day is over for another year I thought I would encourage people to use this discussion to let others know that you have posted images, videos or information about St Patricks Day on your page as it is easy to miss things. I have posted a new folder of images on my page and have also added a new video of Daideo and the Blue Mosquitoes playing on St Patrick's Day.


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