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How do i see what's playing now with this new format!?!
Didn't really make this any easier.

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A question I am trying to get answered as well. Hope somebody knows how to follow along.
what new format?
Previously, when you went into the chat option from the main Live Ireland page, there was a little window that updated frequently with the title and artist of the song that was currently playing.

Now, Live Ireland directs you to chat in, which merges the regular chat with the ustream chat at the bottom, and there is no longer any little window that shows the name of the artist or song... its very sad, really. I relied on that too, as I was compiling a list of music I was either going to try to purchase or ask for birthday/christmas gifts. :)
I listen on the Real player and still have a little ticker that comes up with the song and artist, Cheers P.
I listen via Winamp (live.pls) and the programme shows the title and the artist of the song which is being played
oh, i use Windows Media Player, that's my problem, i'm using a Microsoft product. Thanks for the help!
Additional question? What is up with channel 2 (contemporary) I only get the same song loop lasting about 2 hours before it repeats. Does channel 2 exist?
Yes, i think you have to listen with Winamp/ShoutCAST or RealPlayer
iTunes also gives the artist & song title.
Do you know how to open this link in Winamp? I get nothing.


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