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Tell me how you enjoyed the day?

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For a short impression how we spend this day look at
I worked and hung out with my kids this year--nothing special.
Spent the whole day (which is one among the others, here in my village) on my computer, thinking about how everybody on this site would enjoy it, listening to liveIreland and waiting for my request (Morrison's jig) to be cast. :-)

By the way... It was not. :-)))
It was just another day to me, except for an extra moment set aside for silent mourning and mediation.
oops I meant mourning and meditation.
I finished work early and spent from mid-afternoon with my family at a local Hobart pub owned by an Irishman featuring live Irish music all day. There were lots of Irish there as well as those with more distant connections to Ireland. The band my son plays in called Daideo and the Blue Mosquitoes were playing there and there was a lot of audience participation, great conversation and laughs with wide cross-section of ages. I then went on to the band's second gig at a pub called the Alley Cat with a much younger crowd but who still apreciated the music. I managed to catch a little of Live Ireland's broadcast when I got up the next morning. I was surprised to hear from one of my Canadian Live Ireland friends that Daideo and the Blue Mosquitoes had been played on the broadcast. That made the day for a young Tasmanian Irish band to be played in Dublin on St Patricks' Day. A great day. I have posted some photos on my page and one video. When I get time I will put up another video or two. It is great to have this site to hear and see what people did.
if i not in work evenings i go out for a guinness with friends . I hope one Day i can spend ST.Patricks Day in Ireland !
I played Irish music all day on paddys day in detroit.
Well, I'm from the north of Argentina and I will try to go to Buenos Aires and enjoy the party there.
Went to my local for a few pints in the aft and then returned in the evening as there was a band on.Good craic.As I live in Kent,there was around,Id say,20% Irish folk there.
Went to NYC St. Patrick's day parade, stopped in to Johnny's and rode a mechanical bull...I'm 62 by the way.


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