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First generation Irish American. Sign in and tell your tale. I'll chime in when I see the interest.

I'm first generation Irish in New York City area and my Dad was from Southampton in England. Interested to hear the stories as I write the biography of my own people, being the last of the litter. Thanks.  Dave O

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Dave O, Really important to remember our links with Ireland. This week on April 25th Australians commemorate ANZAC day which remembers the landing of Australian and New Zealand forces in Turkey in World War One. What is often forgotten is many of these men who fought for Australia had links with Ireland having been born there or having Irish parents or grandparents. My own great uncle, Robert Nelson Jackson, who was the grandson of Mary Ann Dalton from Dublin, survived the Gallipoli campaign but was killed later in the War at Possieres. A great website links the service records of those born in Ireland to an online map at Please spare a thought for the memory of these man on April 25th. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.
David, Thank you for sharing and the history which I was not aware of. A Prayer for those who went before on this the 25th in Australia, and in my country for those who have fallen in the current conflict, supporting the warrior but not necessarily the war,young Irish names in that as well. My own people were in the Boar War and the First and was lucky myself to have escaped the ill-fated VietNam, but not without the loss of friends. Part of eternity is our memories. Dave


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