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hello all, well, guess it's an old cliché round here but am writing to see if anyone's interested in collaborating on a good old Eurovision hit song! 2 amateur songwriters, currently, living in Barcelona Spain, have faith in our songs especially for Eurovision (or future hits), but would love to collaborate with someone in Ireland for RTVE song finalists 2009 (as we hear they are interested), well realise it's a long shot but we have about 30 (recorded, very basic) songs but we feel could span Europe (jury/televote!), but that we need production/singer..well know it's a long shot, but if anyone out there's interested, here's a couple of our efforts! if not, thanks anyway, half English/Irish (Navan) Paul and Jenny (email :
if not sorry for the inconvenience to all here!

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I like the competition, although not what it's become, but any song to me sounds like an anthem in the Eurovision. Your `More Music` track is kind of like a distant McGettigan one, laid-back and such.
Good luck with your endeavours!! Merry Christmas!
thanks so much Danny, well u never're right about Eurovision though we decided to follow some path and maybe it wasn't the right one..!but we've got faith in our songs at least, despite everything (though not sure about the distant McGettigan part? I must say I hated that song first time round!), you have yourself a great Xmas too, one of these days I'm going to revisit my motherland! have a lot of family to catch up with navan/dublin way! take care paul/jenny


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