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Does anyone know where to get a hold of CD's from Ellis Kennedy here in the United States? I've heard a couple tracks from her on here and I absolutely love her voice and the traditional pieces she performs.

I have googled and searched on Amazon and haven't found anything. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

Caitríona Grásta

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I had a few minutes with nothing to do so I searched the web and found....nothing.

Looks like you might have a touch road to hoe.

Sorry I couldn't help.

Kent VAllette
Placentia California
Eilis Kennedy is brilliant, I agree whole heartedly. Yes unfortunately her music is not that easy to find ... Time to sail is a wonderful CD. Try the following sites...

Another wonderful Irish vocalist is Nan Tom Teaimin. She is a Sean Nos singer which means "the old style". Best of luck. Fair winds, clear skies. element
Dear Element -

You are an angel! Having the correct spelling of her name does indeed help the search :-)

Thank you, too, for the the suggestion of Nan Tom Teaimin...I had jotted her name down right underneath Kennedy's after hearing one of her's. Beautiful voices; absolutely beautiful!


You can buy it at  I love her "The Parting Glass"...someone has a cover of it on YouTube, but Ellis's version is my favorite--about the best thing I've heard on LiveIreland.  LiveIreland is great--I listen to it on my morning walks before work!

Caitriona, e-mail me at

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