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This is mostly for lads, but if some girl comes over to say sth. it will be appreciaated!

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Oh Condom Come

Depends with whom one sleeps,
I suppose,
that dictates such conversation

A prophylactic device --
meant to curb disease,
to curb birth ...
to preserve life

A simple rubber looking balloon
wrapped like clothing over a certain member

a condom,
or none;
such a variable to ascertain

And in the end,
tis not conversation
on a forum
for masses to quip or disdain,
but rather tis
the language of lovers'
caught in loving embrace--

Or better still,
a conversation
'mid friends
long before the kiss
or the embrace...

If one waits until the act is unfolding,I fear it too late
for a decision of responsibility
to be made,
but rather a reaction

And goodness what happens
if no such decision be made
before alas engulfed in the moment
they both came.....
Depends on a girl you're with!!!
No feeling with it, but you must take risk
HIV or not HIV?
Conception or not conception?
Anti-abortion laws or not anti-abortion laws?
Heads or tails?



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