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I presently live in the USA, am retired and would like to spend my retirement in Ireland. I have run accross Carrowmore Meadows near
Knock. Can anyone give me any first hand information about the area other than what is presented by Carrowmore Anything would be greatly appreciated.
I am an ex US Marine and a retired psychotherapist.. So, along with my cat Molly'O I would love to spend my remaining time in the land of my ancestors.. I have grown sons but that is sort of a shoulda,coulda, ,
and woulda relationship.

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I cannot shed a lot of light on the area, except to say it is quaint and people are very nice, and Knock draws a LOT of tourism, which might have an effect on the area in which you wish to live. Do you have dual citizenship? If not, how far removed are you from first generation Irish? That could be a huge help to you in locating a place. You mention a pet, but might I point pout that ALL pets must stay in care for six months before being allowed to be with their owner in a new place. The red tape needed to secure a visa, the having to report tot he Guardi and renew yearly for the first 5+ years is something you should know about as well. You also have to have enough proof in the bank to prove that you can maintain your life there. If your grown sons were to ever wish to come and live with you, they would also have to do visa and gain permission yearly to stay. I hope I am not regurgitating information that you already know about, but thought you might not realize that aspect of it.
Thank you so very much for taking the time to answer my questions. I would more than likely be paying less near Knock that I do here. I live in a university town. State College is the home of Penn State University and is the 4th largest university in the USA. There are over 45,000 students just on the main campus and everyone is out to get as much as they can. I graduated from Penn State but back then it was quite different. I have retired as a psychotherapist in a state psychiatric hospital so red tape is nothing new to me.The thought of leaving Molly'O in care for 6 months is a turn off. Can you tell me where she would be kept and what type of treatment she would receive..In so far as my sons are concerned in regards to livng with me, they have families so I don't think that is very likely. Have you ever heard of Carrowmore Meadows Retirement Village.? It is located between Charlestown and Knock.
Thank you again for your kindness in sharing your most valuable information, and thank you for the time that you took to do it. I will put your information in my Ireland file.
Hi Ed--
I am familiar with Penn State. I live in Philadelphia, and have also wanted to move abroad for some time now. I was taken aback by the amount of issues I would run into if I ventured over for school and eventual permanency, but I still hope to do so one day. A friend of mine who does hold dual citizenship had moved, but then the economy caught she and her husband unawares of some of the lesser known issues and she was stranded there until she was able to borrow money to move back--the issue had to do with benefits and lack of work. However another friend, who had lived there for years, but then moved stateside, eventually moved back with her family and has never been happier-she is married to an Irish man, so she too has dual citizenship. I strongly urge you to consider this if your parents or grandparent were form Ireland--any further back and you don't qualify, which frustrates me as all of my Great-Great Grandparents were from Ireland, and my Great Grandmother was also--too far back to qualify : 0 (

Anyway, the pet issue also threw me, and it is a huge surprise to pet owners. What I have been told repeatedly is to go and visit, research in person where you want to live. The phone systems are different, as are the utilities, and it would be really important to know all about that before moving. Taxes are absorbinent, so having a proper solsitor to assist you in a house search would be very helpful for both conversion issues and also tax related issues. If oyu drive, you could transport your car, but you'd pay a lot for the priviledge of having a left wheeled auto. The attached links might assist you in your search:

Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the Carrowmore Meadows Retirement Village, but you might consider contacting the local newspaper in the area or seeing if the town has one on line; that is one way to see if there have been write ups about it, bad reports, or good reports etc. I am not sure if you know this site, but they have a lot of Irish news and other useful information tabs, including moving/visas etc.

Good luck--Hope you find what you need. I love Ireland and have been bi-yearly for the last ten, but have not managed to get the money thing down in order to make it permanent.
Hi Felicia,
I hope this note finds you happy, well, and peaceful. It would seem to me that we live in a small world..Two of my sons live in Philly and the third one will be moving there within the week. Sean Patrick is the manager of the Banana Republic Clothing Store in the Cherry Hill Mall in Jersey. Justin works for a catering company and Kevin will be going to an audio enginering school in Philly. I think that it's located on Market Street.
Thank you for all of the links that you sent me.. I looked at them briefly and all of a sudden I felt like a Kamakazii Pilot with only one wing on my airplane. I will go back over them and try to print them out in order to really study them. At the present time I receive a pension fom the state of NJ having worked in a state psychiatric hospital for 25 years and then of course I receive a hefty social security check on the 2nd Weds. of each month. Carrowmore Meadows has furnished or unfurnished units so I could have the option of putting my stuff in storage stateside.Since everything in my new will goes to the boys any way.
Since you love Ireland there is a very pretty song that you might enjoy. It's called " Motherland" and it's performed by Christy Moore. Perhaps you may have already heard it.
At any rate, once again, thank you for you kindness. I'll let you know how I make out.
Peace for your path,
Hi Ed--
I am so sorry you feel that way, but I truly empathize! It had the same effect on me when I started researching for my own move. Mine was even harder because in order for me to go to school and take my girls, I have to have almost $11k per daughter--that's a lot of money when one considers I have three girls still at home!

It is indeed a small world my friend, and I pray thee peace of mind and swift fulfillment of dreams. Plot the road carefully, as it can be done, but it takes some much needed fine tuning to make it happen.
It was not my intention to sound like I was getting ready to do battle. I do not know what you do in your life but $ 33,000.00 sure sounds like an obstacle to me. and I pray that some how some way you will reach your goal. The links that you sent me are proving to be invaluable. Take Molly'O for instance. In reading over their requirements I find that Molly'O already meets all of their requirements such as the micro chip and the shots required . I had the chip installed when I had her spayed. Then there is a way to have her enter Ireland via England thus eliminating the 6 month care period. There is also a wealth of information in the other links that you sent me. For that I am thankful. With you and Saint Patrick, I will hopefully realize my goal.
Hello! I am so happy the links have been helpful, and I believe where there is a will, there is a way to make our dreams a reality. For me, the journey will be pure hell, because I work at a University as an Executive Coordinator (fancy way to say secretary for an exec) that doesn't pay much--I can barely make ends meet now, and I have about $100 saved, so I anticipate I will be much older than I am now before I can make a go of it. HAHA. I hope you are able to make it work for you. Financially, it sounds as if your personal employment and retirement plans will be invaluable and the fact that you have done so much with Moll 'O should make it very simple. best to yo. Stay in touch. (I am not on here so often anymore, but you can friend me here or on FaceBook if you have a page there. All the Best! feliciamaisey
HI Felicia,

I hope that this week will find you hapy, well, and peaceful. Molly'O sends you greetings as well. Are you at Penn, Temple, or Saint Joe's.. I guess that's about it in so far as universities are concerned ( duh ) My sister Jean's daughter graduated from Saint Joe's.
It would sound as though you really have your work cut out for you.. However, I have a feeling that you are strong willed enough to achieve your goal. If things work out as I hope they will and I can end up with a cottage you will never want for a place to go to.
Do not throw any red flags! There is a Lakota Sioux saying that I learned when I spent some time working with proubled youth at the reservation in S.D. ad it goes as such :
Taku waste w con
ka ituya yani
kte sni.
Translatedit says " Do good and you will not have lived in vain."
I have been in touch with Jesuit organizayion and I hope to do some volunteer work with my past experiences (duh) By the way, what is feliciamaisey?
Until another time.................
Peace for your path,

PS: I'll remember you at Mass.
Ouch Ed! I work at LaSalle University and did all of my undergrad and first MA work here, then I went t Arcadia University where I am now working on 2nd Ma and dual IPCR Cert. The schools you mention--Temple and Saint Joe's are competition-haha.
Thanks for the Indian words--I have indian in my background and am always happy to hear varied words.
Felicia Maisey is my name and also my blog:

Off to school--Blessings!


   It is indeed hard to believe that it has been three years since I last talked with you. Alas I am still here in State College with Molly'O I am

still dreaming of Ireland and listening to Irish music on a daily basis. I hope things have improved for you.




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