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I would like to know what your favorite Ballads are. If you have written a ballad I would love to read it!! I am a singer and I love ballads and such. I sing a lot of Irish music and Scottish music. But of that not many ballads.

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Ballad of Reading Gaol by a great Irish man Oscar Wilde..although this would fall into the poetry category not song.
thank you ^.^
Well.. I am a singer as well and I write quite a bit for Both audiences that I perform for.. Irish and Americana. I have quite a few original ballads in both.
FIRST I have to say my love of Ballads has been the Driving force in my music since I was tiny. Such a Great thing to have a Story Sung to you!
My sets are comprised now of probably 82% Ballads and I am known for singing some of the most Sorrowful Ballads written in the last 400 years.. as a matter of Fact I am most likely personally responsable for driving 70% of the listening audience to DRINK!
My favorite Irish and Scottish Ballads are too MANY but I will give you a Short list of some that I have already recorded.
Derry Street
Auld Lang Syne
Bonny Light Horseman
is ar eirinn neosfainn ce hi
Barbara Allen

One of my own would be
Immigrant Heart which was written as a commemoration piece for all of us and was the title cut to the last irish Cd we recorded IMMIGRANT HEART

March 14th 1909 Kate Rowland, came through Ellis Island
with her sister Margaret.
Leaving behind most of her Family still living in a tiny village just north of Castlebar
called Gort, she settled into Brooklyn life,
married Thomas O'Rourke, also an immigrant from the Aran Islands and raised 4 boys.
One being my Father, Joseph.
She was never able to speak about those she loved that she had left behind.
When I traveled back to Gort to visit with the Family that Had stayed behind I am not certain why I was shocked, but I was to see that their Grief of the loss of those that left Ireland was equal to or Greater than that of My Grandmothers at coming here.
In celebration of 100 years now in this country,
we dedicate this CD to my family and all the generations of other Immigrant Families
who continue to take Blind steps in Faith.
For under the bone beats an immigrant heart.

Immigrant Heart
Siusan O'Rourke
copyright 6/13/08

Like the Stones on Land
The faces of loved ones stayed firm in their minds
They strained to hear
as voices called out as they sailed from their sight
and Lo in the Wake of the Ship that was leaving
stood a Family now Shattered and Battered and Scarred
For their loved ones were off on a Ship Bound for Brooklyn
With the Rest to remain back in Old Castlebar

On a Sea of Fear
Their Comfort came knowing so many before
Had left loved ones Dear
to search out a life on American Shores
And the sight of the Moon
hanging Low over Brooklyn
Well it seemed like a dear Friend from old Castlebar
Still Recalling its light on the Bogs and the Pastures
while here in New York shone on Concrete and Tar

As the Years Wane on
and Families Gather their Old and their Young
You can still feel Loss
at Names Never Spoken on Tips of their Tongues
Though their Journeys' were long,
full years in the making,
their Tender young souls never Traveled that Far
for their feet found their way to the Paved Streets of Brooklyn
Their Immigrant Hearts never left Castlebar

Hope you like it.
If you ever want to compare notes on Ballads.. please dont hesitate to contact me!

Siusan O'Rourke
The White Crow conservatory of Music
3736 Mackinaw
Saginaw MI 48602


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