Irish Internet Radio and TV from Dublin, Ireland.

Hey all, I'm back live tomorrow night (Irish time) 6pm-9pm ... Tune in ;) if you would like me to talk about something you would like to hear please message me.

Thank you,


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6 to 9 Irish time. I think you and London are on the same time. There right now it is 0 hours 21 minutes. Which means that 6 PM was about 6 hours ago which was 11 AM here in the US Central time zone. So I will give a listen tomorrow (which would be today for you now) at lunch while you are thinking about supper. Aren't time zones wonderful? I guess it could be worse if one of us were in New Zealand where it always seems to be tomorrow or yesterday, never today.
Best regards,
(think "sleigh" and put a little ch German dipthong in it. The Cox though is genuine Dubliner)
Thank you Schey Cox for you comment, and yes you are right London/Dublin share the same time :). However, I did not know that when I was a little girl and recalled talking to my dad on the phone who lived in London and asked him what time was it over there. (laugh). Everyone thought it was funny bar me.
I logged on just as you said, "If you are just joining us..." a few minutes ago. Play on, sing on. Good show with a good mix of music.
Thanks you so much :) it's great to hear feedback :)


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