Irish Internet Radio and TV from Dublin, Ireland.

Just wondering if I'm the only one out there who enjoys listening to LiveIreland on my Chumby portable Internet device.

I'd love to someday see a full-blown LiveIreland Chumby app. Until then, I can at least tune in to the audio stream.


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Walt, The Chumby is a new one to me. Sounds good for those times a show is on late at night or early in the morning Australian time so I could listen in bed.

The Chumby is simply brilliant. I got one last Christmas, and I've used it regularly ever since. Mostly I use it as a portable media player (LiveIreland, BBC, Pandora) but it has widgets that tell time and provide updates on everything from the weather to Facebook -- worth a look!
Just checking this "chumby" out now..
looks like a kids toy!! :D

My internet sup.plier are also the agent for Chumby in Australia. Might start hinting for my birthday.
Brilliant. It's admittedly a bit of a toy, but I've been thrilled with mine.
You're right; it does. The pic you posted is the older model - I have the newer one, which has a hardshell plastic case. They're handy (throughout the house) as portable media players.

The newer models can play any 3mu or pls media stream (a few others as well), so I'm (happily) able to tune into LiveIreland.


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