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I play the accordion meself. and it's nice to know other music players out there. Might upload a few videos of meself later maybe. but if your a musician or dancer post right here! :)

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yeah, my favourite style is hornpipes.
guitars a great intrument for sessions it livens it up so much!

in the pub i play sessions in the four horseshoes,luton , we rarely get the oppurtunity to hear an harmonica player. the time we did we had a man called kevin smith, aww he was a old character he walked round the whole bar dancing and playing the harmonica! there was another time a fella came over from hitchinm, forgot his name but he played the mandolin and the harmonica, at the same time! Its great to hear them, when you do. But i agree they do liven up a session so well.
pierre and ozzy,

great stories lol. the four horse shoes is in luton, sadly it's the only pub that organises the sessions... must ask both of use, have you ever been to a fleadh ceoil or just a normal fleadh?
I have, I've been in the fleadh for my accordion :) I came first in my regional (midlands region uk) and 3rd in the all britain. all though coming third is a nice thing only the top two qualifiy :( But hey, all ways next year? :)
Pierre and Ozzy,
Thanks for the replies. Ozz, totally agreed of what your saying about enjoying the music... More people these days get more of a feeling to listening to the music rather than playing it. To both of ye' again, I wish I could be multi-musically-talented! playing all those instruments is a rather fine acheivement... Keep it up!
Conor :)


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