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so I am interested in buying some Irish Peat/Turf to have shipped to AK to burn in my fire place...however when I started looking for some online I came across lots of information about the depleation of the peat bogs.
Does anyone know if there are places to buy peat to burn that isn't encuraging the destruction of peat bogs??? maybe a small family owned business?? I really have no clue if I should even get any now!

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hmmm apparently no one has any thoughts on this eh.
oh well.
I tried.
Might I suggest you go for a smaller bit of peat? You can buy tiny incense sods that will give you the smell but not use a large amount of product ( is where I get mine).

I would think that it's the full-scale use of the peat for industry or heating rather than the occasional use of a turf or two that is going to do the most depletion.
Thanks Cathy Jo! I will try that site. I do like the smell (oddly enough when I was in Ireland I didn't like the smell so much but the area I was in had a very strong consentration of it I think...or maybe my sense of smell has altered).
Hi there .. being from Ireland I know well about the peak/turf unfortunately cannot send u any..However Luka Bloom my favoutrite Irish singer has a brillian song about the turf.. would u like to exchance email addies ??? off to work to tredge through the snow have a graat day... check out my latest picture of my black bear ...stay warm Erin
sany way to early for me haa sorry about the typos..anyhow I put in the song for you to hear....its GREAT
haha that's ok about the spelling. I love the song, that's great :-) Also like the Raglan Road version you have, that's such a sweet song.
As far as peat goes, it looks like I might just have to burn the insense every now and then to get my fix. Ah well :-P


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