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I'm sure we all like many of the same favorite Irish bands and musicians that are internationally known, but are there any local/regional bands or musicians that you think we should give a listen to?

Here are some of my favorite Celtic groups from Wisconsin & Illinois:


Atlantic Wave
Andreas Transo
Brett Lipshutz
Maria Terres-Sandgren


Gan Bua
The Tossers
Liz Carroll
Liz Knowles
Kieran O'Hare
Lawrence Nugent

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If you are ever in the Tempe, Arizona area check out The Liars Handshake.

I saw them when they opened for Flogging Molly last St. Paddy's Day
My favorites:

Nuremberg, Germany (my old home town)
Fiddlers Green (Irish Independent Speed Folks)

Indiana (my new home):
Rowan Tree (of course...)
From Ohio, Knot Fibb'n and General Guinness are two of my favorites. I'm also rather fond of Kennedy's Kitchen out of Indiana. (Heard them in Michigan).
In Central NY, we get a lot of Canadian bands that come around. Among my favorites are:

Hadrian's Wall
Enter the Haggis

also from Rochester, The Wild Geese
and from NYC the McCabes
In my area (NYC) we love Black 47 and SHILELAGH LAW. Both really rock.
at the present, i realy enjoy dervish the group from sligo town. seen them many times and have sung in their pub in Sligo. Cathy is a hoot, and on stare she is mesmerizing........if you havn't seen them and have the opportunity, go for it. A real treat. johnboy


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