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Hello my dear friends! I am alive and well. I want to thank all of you for your prayers and your concern. Leven let me know that many of you were asking about me and I am so thankful to know that I have so many wonderful friends. I didn't have any apartment damage but I lost power and lost all of the food in my refrigerator and freezer. The stores have long waiting lines and many things are not available yet.

Thanks for calling Marcus and Leven. I would have called but networks were down.


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Glad to know you are well.
Hi Lisa....So glad you are well and safe. It must of been real scary for you. Sorry to hear Ike was that bad. Is the power on yet? On the weekend we got a taste of the Hurricane as it was suppose to be nice but instead it was a couple miserable raining days here. It was our Church Festival and everyone had to stay inside. Alot of people left cause of it. I prayed you were safe. So glad to hear from you on here. Talk to you sometime on MSN> How is your work place did that get damaged? Hope to hear from you soon.
God Bless..
Hello Lisa:
WE got some of Ike here in S W Pennsylvania. We got some very nasty winds and some places still don;t have power. Trees were down across roads and some power lines were down. I didn't loose power and it just blew some twigs from the trees. Glad to hear that you had no damage in your apt, Lisa and hope your pets are o k too. I'll take snow over a hurricane any time!! Take Care!!
Lisa hey girlie...seems I was away for several days and was not listening about the news ...Pleased that you are ok and all will be back to normal soon..........
grand chatting this morning and happy that you were able to catch my latest photos...sorry but Irisheyes dislikes her picture being taken...LOL so do consider yourself lucky to get a glimps if me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
catch you soon on ya girl
Good to hear you're OK Lisa. Leven informed us that you made it through safely. Be patient waiting for life to get back to "normal". Been there, its not easy! We'll be looking forward to your return to the chat room. You know you're in our prayers!!!
Fortunately, you're ok..!
Glad to hear and read you..!
In my understanding, food is a *minor* drawback... and maybe insurances will provide coverage for it..?
The good news is that you're alive, and able to keep us informed... which is really nice from you..!
Thanks for sharing news from Ike's passage through Houston...
Good luck and best for the near futur...!
Take care,

Im really glad to hear you made it through safely. Know that you are in our prayers and if there is anything you need..were are here for you.


Good thing you only lost the food in the refrig. Hopefully you have power back by now. Here, just north of Dayton I lost 80% of my big oaks. Most uprooted but a few broke about 12 foot up from the Hurricane force wind. During the worst part when the east eye wall went over us we had sustained 95 mph winds with gusts just above 105. I staid and rode it out but in reality I should have just left (which I will do next time). In the end when you have no power you have no decent way to live anyhow (especially when you are on well water and your septic system is powered by electricity), it just doesn't make any sense to ride out the storm just to have to leave the next day.

My aunt who lives in Beaumont, lost her roof for the second time in less than 5 years. (Rita the first time).


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