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It's Friday!

I'm at work, wasting a bit of time before I tackle my expense report from this week's trip to San Diego and thinking that Guinness Cheryl's drinking looks mighty good. I've got a couple of frozen burritos for lunch and a nectarine that's JUST right!

SO... how about you, huh? What's up?

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Hey! I too, am at work. Should be studying since one supervisor is away, but can't seem to wrap my head around it just now. Been working and peeking at emails and LI off and on all morning. In an hour, I will drag myself over to the pool for my half mile swim--great stress relief. Then back to the afternoon mail and whatever this presnt supervisor cooks up between now an dthen. Has been a crazy week, and I am looking forward to finally posting a blog this weekend with pictures--it has been months, but the good news is that I had the experience : )--bad news is that I have not shared it : ( Oh well, I did get straigt A's over the summer so even though it kept me way to busy, it was worth it. Hope all is well and lunch sounds delic!
You "had the experience?"
hahha--the experience of going abroad for a month---not THE experience, jeez--well actually with four kids, I guess I had that too-haha.
What do you do, Alexandre?
Marco this is indeed a sad day. I must thank you for sharing all the latest photos and videos of Knuts progress the past year. Doerflein was truly a caring man who gave his time and engery to this precious bear. I only pray that we all have learned a lesson from this man about how we must cherish such animals......I sit and now listen to the clip of Knut purring and making the wonderful to be close to this.

Being is I've become a bear lover, my passion for these endangered species has kept me here ion BC.....Ive returned from the wilderness after 6 weeks viewing such beauites. So in saying I feel tha this caretaker of Knut shall be remembered dearly.
Perhaps everyone may want a lisiten...Knut himself


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