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Hi everyone!
Went over to Dublin SL and registered. I don't have bunches of time to spend there, but it sure looks like fun. I'm not very savvy about these sort of things, but my son plays WOW after his homework, and I think I'll get him to help me understand things over there better. I managed to change the outfit on my character, but I'm not sure how to move around or intereact with others. I smashed her face against several walls, poor thing! Managed to get her to a door or some building on a shamrock shaped island. She looked through a window, but I couldn't get her into the building. Oh well, should be fun when I get the hang of it....OMG...*sigh* something else to waste my time on besides what I'm SUPPOSED to be doing! LOL! What the hey....gotta relax at something I suppose. Anyone else registered there?

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I wish I knew what you were referring to; sounds like a hoot.
On the homepage for LiveIreland, you can get "streaming live" music from Dublin. I listen to it, and occasionally there's a plug for this Dublin Second Life. Dublin SL.... You can go to to find out. You have to sign up. It's sort of like cyber-reality---like World of Warcraft. Are you familiar with WOW? It's like that.
Thansk--I was unaware and nevr heard of WOW
WOW! Pardon the pun, but my son swears everyone on the face of the earth has heard of World of Warcraft. Granted, it's a big thing out there, as I understand.
It's an interactive game. Believe me when I say I don't know alot about the structure of the game, but as I gather, you download a program that runs the whole thing. I think it's called a launcher. (Disclaimer to all WOW players: I may be wrong about any and/or all of this!) Then you can move characters and monsters and such through this fictitious game world where you collect treasure and kill monsters and cast spells and do all this other stuff....(I sound vague, huh?) Anyhow, you spend real money to buy things like swords and weapons and such to help you accomplish whatever it is you want to do in the game. And you supposedly get richer and richer. Somehow. And you work your way up these levels or something. Well, vague as I sounded, I think that's the jist of the matter. He even puts a head set on and speaks to other gamers around the world. One of his favorite players is in Australia.
It's sort of strange when he's playing, to hear him say over the mic, "Oh...go down the bush....see the guy with the sword...?" I guess your player and other players can move around and see each other and interact on the monitor...amazing when you think about it. But then, I'm 53 years old. It's not so amazing to my son! LOL!
I think this sort of mindset is true across the board through generations. Let me explain. My son, who's 15 (going on 35 *grin*) is not the least amazed or suprised with today's technology that brings people from the other side of the globe together on a computer monitor, in REAL TIME! As for me and my age, I find it rather amazing and a bit fascinating and I don't understand much of it. Now, my mother-in-law, who's pushing into her 70's and also the lady who I sew for of about the same age, are even worse. They neither know nor trust computers in general, or government "tabs" (which in their minds is directly connected to computers).
To clarify, the other day I mentioned to my MIL that the government would send her a voucher to help cover the cost of converting her TV from analog to digital, which we have to do by February. Her response went something like this: "Oh no. I won't send the government my address or any info about me. The less they know about me the better." Sums it up for most people of that generation, I think.
I had to chuckle at her response. I tried to explain to her that with present technology the goverment probably knows not only every stat about her but when she uses the bathroom!
So, my point is (this all stems from too much coffee), computer savvy or lack of it, and astonishment of current computer capabilities or lack of it, hinges for the most part on how old you are. And this can be very frustrating sometimes. Of course, there are ALWAYS exceptions to the rule.
What do you think?
You know, I went ahead and killed that Dublin SL thing. I think people were watching me from behind buildings! LOL! know THAT was a joke, after what I said previously. Seriously, tho, it's not what I thought it was. I was under the erroneous impression that it was some sort of program where you could log on and go (virtually) to pubs and various places in Dublin to listen to pub activity and music. Sort of tune in like "live, streaming" music, which is pretty common now. As it is, it looks like fun, but I don't really have time, what with my workload, to learn how to do the whole thing. I spoofed around, and, giving credit for it being an interesting thing, to me it's just a way to waste large blocks of time.
Well, I have a heavy, heavy workload today. Gotta warm up the sewing machine. Going to try to pick up a Houston radio station and watch results about Ike. Those poor people. Granted, they're used to this kind of thing to some degree, but I heard a newscaster say this morning that Ike is bigger than Katrina! Yikes!
Thanks for the message; it clarifies quite a few things. I used to be a huge fan of pacman and asteroids way back when, but I am truly not much of a gamer. In our education program we actually ahve acourwe being taught to help teachers incorporate more gaming and play into all levels of education--very interesting. Last semester I aced a technology class, but it was brutal (12 weeks crammed into 4). I actually miss it now that ll my classes are BORING this semester--too much lecture and not enough interaction/lecturing is worst way to teach, but that is what I am stuck with this semester-yuch!
Well, you're probably right where I am technology-wise. I remember the pacman/asteroid days. I think back on it, and even back then I wasn't into gaming. I guess I'm glad I'm not, as I see how much time my kids put into it. That new system, Wii, is good tho. Even my husband gets into that. He likes the bowling. It's a much more active gaming thing. Still, it's gaming. I'd rather be creating with fabric or paper or many other things, which I do manage to fill my days with.
Have a blessed day! TTYL..Elaine
Hahah. I know what you mean about prefering some traditional creative things ot gaming. Gaming can be very educational though too, and studies find that hand/eye coordination is better in most gamers ot non-gamers, and multi-tasking skills are higher with gamers, as well as strategic planning ability. I just do't subscribe to it because I can't see the logic in the cost of time and moeny in my life just now, but catch me in 20 years-haha.
Yeah...20 years or so ought to do it...when you get to the point where you'd rather sit than stand, and eye/hand coordination isn't exactly a big priority in your life! LOL!
I do know there's something to youngest son had a report to do for school last year, and he did it on just that subject. One of the interesting things he learned (and that raised my eyebrows), is that it's been proven that SURGEONS who are gamers do a better job than surgeons who are not. Yeah...well...I wonder how they figured THAT out! LOL!
I saw that case fileon thtat in my class--that ol hand/eye coordination thing again-haha.


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