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hey everyone. as mentioned above i am planning a trip to Ireland in the near future, actually i'm looking to go to check the National College of Art and Design in Dublin. has anyone gone there or know someone that goes,went there? i still have three more years of schooling here in the states, but after that i'm packing up and coming over. any info would be appreciated! thanks


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Thanks for the info. I did think about taking my laptop, but it's a toss up between a carryon for extra packing room or a laptop. So far, I have voted for the carry on -- especially to have room to bring home my suveniors (or "rubbish" as my Irish friend likes to say :o)). We are also staying in a self-catering apartment in Killarney, I think they have wifi, but not sure. I may have to rethink the carry on. I'll discuss it more with the friends I am going with and see if we can compromise between the four of us. I really appreciate the input! And that is a great point about the photos.
hmmm.... just thought about that...
If wifi is available... wouldn't it be possible to *rent* a laptop in Ireland for the time of your stay..?
Another good idea, I will see what I can find out about that too!
I took my laptop, camera equipment and all phone and cd/dvd accessories in a one bag and still had plenty of room for other stuff-hand lotion, purell etc. I use the same bag for my masters classes, so I was used to it and it was convenient. However, I put my laptop iin my luggage in its own bag when we had day agenda. It was safely stored, protected with clothes and its bag and at night when I was pulling evening or pjs, it was ready for me to download stuff--costs nothing, but renting might work too if oyu aren't planning on putting photos on it.
That is a good idea, putting the laptop in the suitcase with other things. I'll get with my friends and see what we can work out. I really appreciate everyone's input.
AFAIK laptops must be in the hand luggage
I put the laptop in the carry on for the plane, but once there, you can put it in with luggage and not have to worry about it while out and about all day.
Ask for accommodation quotes excluding breakfasts - this will greatly reduce your costs.


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