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I am looking for a translation (to Gaelic) of the phrase...
"With love and faith, little souls soar!"

Thank you in advance!

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Mol an óige agus tiocfaidh sí.

Praise the young and they will flourish.
I do not know how to put the words in the proper order, but I found these translations online.

grá = love
beag = little
anam = soul
éirigh ar eitleog = soar
in éineacht le= with
agus = and

I haven't found a good translator site online that would put all those words together in a complete sentence. I hope that someone on here would be able to help you soon. Good luck. :)
JoanMarie -
Thank you! I want to stencil the saying on my living room wall, above pictures of my six little ones. The French translation is beautiful, but my husband strongly protests any translation but Gaelic. Especially not French. I'm waiting to hear back from a friend in Ireland, but even she is having difficulty with the translation. Thanks for your help!


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