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Would love to exchange recipies. :) What's a favorite dish where you're from? And could anyone please explain to me what pudding is where you are? Here, pudding is a sweet dessert, but from what I see from other countries, it is something completely different.

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Hi JoanMarie,
My name is Mary. I was born in Ireland, but I now live in America. I think I know what you mean by "pudding". You're right in America it's a sweet creamy dessert. In Ireland it is black or white blood sausage. They call it black or white pudding. They usually serve it with breakfast. I love it and always have it when I visit Ireland. It can be found in the states but it's not as good. I hope that helps.
hi I'm mark.
they call it a puddin supper in scotland and it comes with chips (fries if your in america) its cooked in batter thats usually been there a gid few years
Blood sausage??
It's an Irish breakfast. Yes it's blood sausage or black or white pudding usually served with eggs, irish sausage, bacon and bread.


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