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Some folks dream of not having a job - personally, I like working. Here are my dream jobs:

1) Teaching - I'm fairly certain I'll be a teacher some day. Top of the list.

2) Lawyer - I'm heading towards intellectual property law even as we speak. If that doesn't work out, I wouldn't mind being a simple country lawyer up in the foothills. I also would be very happy representing artists - I know how easy it is for them to get taken advantage of and it'd be nice to prevent that.

3) Florist - Aw, man, working in a shop full of flowers would be GREAT! The BEST job I've ever had was delivering flowers one summer while driving around in a convertible Karman Ghia. The town I worked in was full of wealthy housewives. All day long, I'd ring their doorbells and hand them flowers. I got more hugs and kisses than any teenaged boy should have!

How 'bout you, huh? Got a dream job?

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Bookstore owner.
I have so much respect for the written word.

Music/record store owner.
Ditto music.

I don't think I could make a good lawyer. I would lose all tact and diplomacy any time I should run out of patience. I don't think I'd be a good teacher either. I have nowhere near sufficient patience for that job.
definitely being a mom and teacher.
writing also works for me.
Ronnie..that tis a hard question. Naturally we all love the feeling of a big stuffed wallet. Somehow it all seems senseless at times. For me I shall love to work with abandoned endangered animals. I have had the chance to be among bears. However it saddnes to me to see they are not free to roam the forest .

I am actually spending my summer vacation in the north working amongst Grizzlies in a Provincial Park setting. Tis a volunteer job that shall give me satisfaction of seeing these magnificant creatures.

thank-you for your most interesting topics. I did comment on your topic of 2 favoutrite cars.......
My dream job?? Well, the answer is very easy for me.....

Being the ambassador of Greece in Ireland....

This job combines everything... ;)
Well Ronnie... I have beeen teaching for the past 35 years. That has been my dream job to this date but I'm looking forward to retirement in three years and doing whatever I please and whenever I please. More than likely post retirement will include some form of volunteer work. JMD
I am living my dream job now, only problem is: can't call it a job yet, cause I am making no money out of it at the moment.
I LOVE music, i've been producing an internet radio show for the past 4 years now, we feature the very best chill out, downtempo and ambient music (
I dream to someday be able to live doing what I love....and in the meantime: have to stick to my daytime web designer job :)


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