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First of all I would like to say congratulations to the happy couple on their upcoming marriage and to the beginning of a new life together. I am sure you will all agree that that Leven has been such a wonderful friend and inspiration to us all in the years that we have known her.

Leven: on behalf of your "family at LiveIreland" we would like to present you with a small token of our love to you.

We all decided that since many of your friends could not personally attend your wedding that it would be a good idea if we could find a way to be a small part of it. When you are walking down the aisle and holding that beautiful wedding bouquet, know that there are many angels walking with you.

We love you so much and we wish you all of the happiness in this new journey.

With Love,

"Your LI Family"

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I put one of the roses in there, Leven..!! Love ya bunches..!! Many happy years..!!
Leven I put some flowers in your bouquet too. Think of me as one of the Angels beside you all the way. Congratulations and Best of luck to both of you for many years!!
Love you lots.
Carol xxxx
Families are significant especially at major events in one's life including weddings. Although we've only gotten to know one another recently, I'm extremely happy and proud to be a member of your LiveIreland family. I wish you much love, happiness and contentment in your marriage to the man who has obviously made a major impact in your life. HUGS!!!!!

I pray that you have all the happiness possible. I am so happy that you found someone special to share your life with. As you keep the Lord the center of your relationship, I know he will bless you.

Your friend always,

Dear Leven:

I wish you both all the happiness and love and blessings in your marriage. May the Lord be with you all the time in this new stage of your life. I'm one of the bunch who wanted to be with you in your day and I'm happy that the owner of the flower shop understood me after all! I'm not sure if she understood my name so if you see a funny name in the card is probably me! :)

Love from your friend in Argentina

Macu aka Fabia
Hello, dear Leven..!
I wish you the best...! Only the best, nothing less but the best... to both of you..!
Together, make both your own future life going from the actual (wish is certainly better...!!! hé! hé! hé!) to the Best, day by day...!
Enjoy *your* coming wedding day...!
And hopefully we'll meet again sometime somewhere within the chatroom..
Hugs and Best in the meantime...!
P.s. How can I say... : If you ever see a *second* funny signature on your card, chances are it will be mine...! Well... if you ever decipher some graphic signs looking like U U (like in double you) U U (like in double you) and M (like in : May Marrying your Man be the Main Magical Moment in your Matured, Meaningfull, Mastered, Minded and Modern life...! My My My....!!! lol ) than that could be wwm..! ;-)
Dear Leven,

Few hours to go...? Or maybe are you engaged already..? Or... or... maybe your lover and you are just about to say *YES*...???

Nevertheless, may this special day be the greatest for the new pair you'll be forming, and...

May the gathering with your LI's friends be stamped as a *Wonderfull and so Precious Lifetime Gift* into the memories of you all...!!!

Enjoy every seconds of *your* day... and be sure and convinced you guys in the mountains are at the moment into the thoughts of many other LI friends like me...!

A Toast for you..!!!! Cheers..!



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