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Do folks play baseball in Ireland?

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There have been American families that have started whole leagues in ireland dedicated to the preservation of their beloved baseball. Thee are even fields specially built for the game and a men's league a few years back made it all the way to the championships. Yes, there has been baseball in ireland for a couple years--check out "Out of Ireland" --it is a news program out of New York and has its own website--the show highlighted a blurb about baseball in ireland maybe last year or the year before that and old shows are still viewable on your pc through their site. Patricia O'Reilly is the brains behind the show's existence.
Maybe we should start a team and show Ireland how to play baseball. Barry
If they stayed away from the drink they are actually pretty good and the kids are terrific. I like hurling and ice hockey myself.
Whether or not you play baseball in Ireland the green country is still part of Red Sox Nation.
see my reply to Ronnie!
I'm pretty certain all true Irish men and women are Dodgers fans. Just sayin'.
OMG--I would betray my Phillyism to support such a notion! No fan here.
Why not betray the Philiestines? They have betrayed their fans for a long while with their dismal play.
Nope--cannot turn my back on the local teams!
Dodgers didn't they once have a team in Brooklyn many decades ago?
MAny moons ago yes. then they moved west.
What's baseball anyway :P


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