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Recently, I was traveling in Ireland and saw these "Up Kerry!" or "Up Cork!" rugby stickers in alot of the cars. But no one seemed to carry them. Any ideas on how I can get these window stickers? Thanks!

btw...I'm in the US

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What state are you in? I know you can get them online or in most Irish shops here stateside. google celtic rugby or celtic giftshops. should help.
I'm in Wisconsin. Would appreciate any links or such...I've spent a fair amount of time looking online without much luck.
I will look into it and ask about--check you later.
Hi Jared--
A friend of mine in Ireland runs an internet business and when I inquired about these, she can make them for you, but you would have to provide her with specifics: Here is here comment,"Hi Felicia:

I could do it, but you'd have to tell me exactly what he wants on each sticker (does he want bumper stickers or oval stickers?) and if there are any colours involved for each one. Let me know.

Congrats on the successful wedding!

All the best,


Check out her products. She is a wonderful woman and will do her best to accomodate what oyu need. Hope that helps.
This hits my funny bone as my father used to say this phrase all the time. Of couse it was always the third verse that got the biggest laugh "Up Yours !" Is this on the bumper sticker or is this just left to the imagination or understood?


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