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What is it about weddings that propel vendors to inflate their prices, families to go to war over the most inane things, and the bride and the groom to spend too much time, money and energy managing over blown costumes and foods to serve the masses, many of whom they probably don't know...and why is that men customarily attach to the bride's family forgetting they have their own?

What is it about weddings that sets them apart from every other event in life? Do we spend too much time worrying abourt the wedding and not enough time on the marriage? For those few that have lasted generations, do we salute you, applaud you or fear you? What is the secret and is it different from one nation to another?--who decided divorce was the viable "out" to a marriage that we no longer wish to work on?

Is living together the answer or trial marriages for one year and then maybe part ways if necessary--in ancient Ireland that occurred, so how did it change?
What is it abouot the wedding that makes us relinquish or relish our traditions and is it the greatest performances of our lives or the worst experiment?

And what do we base our forever love upon--convenience, similar interest and temperament, money or physical need? Is love the key component when we select a partner for a supposedly life long journey or is it something else....

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