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Ok, guess what number I'm thinking of RIGHT now!

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I agree with Felicia. Ronnie I have to give my congratulations for the idea of this game. We could think that this game is just so simple that makes it silly. But, that makes it so funny that it is a pleasure to play. But, of course the persons that are playing it make it even more funny.
Ronnie, you deserve a prize to for the initiative of this game!
Heres my prize for you Ronnie:

Great prize Sonia! wish I would have thought of it.
Now, lets see what number should I mention... Ah, already know!
I choice the number " 11 " = " XI ".
11 is the day of my birth--I hope Ronnie this is the number you have in mind, so my friend Sonia... to her roses shall be received ,as she is next in line...of course you must agree!
HOLY COW! 11 is RIGHT! This is getting eeeeeerie! GIVE THIS WOMAN A PRIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DING DING DING DING!
okay so what is the prize--a rose, an orchid, a lily? it should be sent ot her page like mine--that really makes me happy when i see it.
Yupie!!!! I won a prize!!!! ;-p
Ok, you folks are way too intuitive so we'll have to make this a wee bit more difficult: I am THINKING of a NUMBER.... BETWEEEEEEEEEEEEN ONE...



Can you guess what it is?
25 days more to I am aboard
the plane headed for euro
must be 25, no maybe 23 when my daughter receives her degree...

no, no i digress..must be 22 when we will be at her mass
oh my goodness, such as this is,
tis' a bit of a feckin' mess!
I have other number... this time I say the number " 33 " = "XXXIII".
Why '33?' What do you like about this number?
3 is not full bodied yet,
tis like the shamrock
multiply thqat by two and tis
God's good grace ye shall win.


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