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Ok, guess what number I'm thinking of RIGHT now!

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Well, this is really a funny game. Can I try a number to?
Ok, we have to start over because I forgot the number I was thinking of. Damned Chinese food and all its sweet and sour goodness...

I'm THINkING of a number ..... between ONE... and ONE-THOUSAND!
Hum… lets see. I think I will try my luck with the number “ 666”. But, don’t worry I am not connected with the “beast”! Just trying to guess the number you are thinking, and for me this number is like any other number.
The number must be
between 1 and 3
for 666 is too scary
and 999 too quaint
I tried 1 and 00 to no avail
but I am certain is the number 2 that will prevail

Ok, 2 wasn't actually the number but Felicia's response was so clever that she just had to win! Walter, what shall we give her as her prize?
Definitely “ 666” is not my lucky number :o(
But, I have to give my congratulations to my friend Felicia! ;o) HURRAY TO FELICIA!!!
Felicia, I hope they give you a nice prize! ;o)
I won! OMG! Who could have thought it possible, with such unreliable odds? HHA.. I win a plane ticket to Ireland, alreayd paid for and prepped to go! hahahha.
This is Barry I believe the number you are thinking is lucky number 13.
Ah, I am not so sure if 13 tis lucky,
but I must share this rare tidbit...
at my only son's wedding
this past weekend
my son and his bride sat me with my friends
was lovely and fun
that you can be sure,
but the stinkers blasted us
with a number 13 for
the witches they seem to see! HAHAH

Am I now part of ‘The Game’ prize committee?
So, what prize for Felicia? What better than an Irish Rose for such a sweet lady. And, in this case a ‘virtual Irish Rose’. Nevertheless, in the spirit of giving it will surely ‘smell’ as sweet.

Congratulations Felicia . . . on behalf of Ronnie.

Walter . . .
Oh--you have no idea how much I truly love these roses and you made my day!!!!!!!!! Thanks! Now, are you all thinking of a new number or what? HAha.


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