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I've seen some pretty amazing landscape shots here on LiveIreland and this is the place to post them. Include the details of the image like where, when and how the shot was taken. We can learn a lot from each other and the more detail you provide the better.

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Loop Head Lighthouse - County Clare

I love this place sooo much... I lost a piece of my heart there...

Shot was taken anaolg with my Minolta X 700 and a monochrome film - a Kodak T400 CN
Beautiful shot Rike. Excellent detail throughout the entire tonal range. I'm interested to know how you get your film shots into digital files. Do you have the processing lab put them on CD or do you have a negative scanner?
This was one of the things I considered when trying to decide on going Digital or staying with film. I was shooting in both 35mm and 6x7 formats and developed my own stuff. Scanners that would handle both were, and are still, quite expensive.

Anyway, nice work!
most of the time I use the prints and scan them with a 'normal' scanner and. My husband has a scanner especially for slides and negatives. Of course, now I don't have access any longer - too bad :( And yes, they are expensive...
Incredible shot! Made me sit straight up in my chair.
thanks Felicia - it's such a beautiful place up there - I wonder when I will be able to get back one day... :(

This is a shot I made at Crescent Beach, WA. I made this shot with a Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D and a Tamron SP 28-75 set at the 35mm setting. Exposure was 1/6 at f/32 ISO 100 and I believe a used a polarizer on this one.
The light was interesting that day, as I recall. There was a fog bank out over the Strait of Jaun De Fuca and the sunlight was mildly diffused but strong enough to create good contrast.

This was one of those days I'll never forget. I was so taken in by the beautiful weather we were having and the unusual light we had, and was so focused on what I was doing, that I left my camera bag, with thousands of dollars worth of equipment, sitting on the rocks and just wandered away from it. When I realized I didn't have it with me, I frantically ran along the rocks to find it sitting there, for the taking, but untouched! Whew!

Anyway, I came away with a few interesting shots and this is one of them.
Thank the good Lord above that no-one lifted your camera gear! Love the shot--enormous continuity between untainted beauty and the emergence of man (albeit from behind the lens)
Thank you Felicia! And yes, there was that sense of connection. I think being behind the lens is one of the best ways to connect with nature. To quote one of my favorite photographers "The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera" Dorathea Lange. I've found that to be very true in my lifetime. I always find myself searching for the perfect light, light that creates a view of things and of the world around us in an interesting way and as a result, I see the beauty!
Nice shot...reminds me of the west coast. Was just in Drake's Bay this weekend. You caught the west coast spirit by a cove well. Pat
Thanks Pat! It's certainly nice to be near the coast. So much to photograph and not enough time!
beautiful... makes my heart ache...

... and I'm glad you didn't loose your equipment... phewww ;)

Outside of Bishop CA...the lighting was so great...but still not capture the way I wanted to.


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