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Do you like to take portraits? I know I do and this is the place to post them. Lets include all the useful info on how the portrait was taken such as lighting, shutter speed, f/stop and any other metadata you can so that we can learn how to become better portrait photographers.

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It is Rike, and thank you for the kind words. I am so pleased that you chose to join the group and I know that we all stand to learn so much from you and your excellent work.
Nice depth...details also...but I am partial to babies.
A shot that I took in Summer 2005 - My daughter wanted to have some photos for her boyfriend. So we went to the beach one later afternoon...

Again, analog with my old Minolta X 700 and a Kodak T400 CN (no longer available, unfortunately)

T400 CN was excellent film Rike. Have you tried the replacement BW400CN? I'm not shooting film anymore but from what I can see, it's pretty nice.
I love the beautiful contrast and relatively fine grain of the T400 and it's excellent tonal range. Very nice shot here. Looks like you had favorable lighting and you used it well. Your daughter is very beautiful!
I have - and it is okay. But to be honest, there's still a BW400 CN in my camera, for over a year now. There are still pictures left - I hope for a chance to fill the film soon to see the results ;)
And thanks for the compliment regarding my daughter :) I'm sure she will be pleased *grin* to hear that ;)

A recent shot of my Son-in-law and grandson. I shot this in the studio with a simple one light/reflector set-up. It was converted to grayscale and split toned in Adobe Lightroom. From there I applied a few modifications in Photoshop, mostly spot cloning, skin softning and some very minor levels adjustments. This was shot at 1/160 sec at f/10 ISO 100 with my Canon 30D and 70-200 f/2.8L.
Hope you like it!
awww.... this is so lovely... and 'yes me likes a lot' :)))
Thank you so much Rike!
Nice, nice, nice. Strength and innocents...nice contrast. The looks on their face, you capture their communication.
Excellent work Robert, really like the effect that Digital Gem creates. Can I purchase that on Kodak's site?
Yes, and I really love the filter. It's a big time saver and money maker.
Here's the link:
The filter is Digital Gem Airbrush Pro.

Thanks for the kind words!
I would love to share some pictures I took on Sunday. My daughter was with some of her friends and they asked me for some photos. So I gladly did :)

This shot is of Mara Lou, one of the girls. I love her face because it's so clear and she's simply beautiful. I hope to have her in front of my camera more often ;)

The photo was taken digital with my Canon EOS D300
ISO 400 - shutter speed 1/125 sec f/6.3 with the normal Canon lens 18-55mm.

The only thing I did was to resize and to sharpen it a little bit (and to add a small frame)


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