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looking for cds/dvds/documents/fly fishing places in ireland

hi i was on line radio and i could hear somethind with " dunne celtic rock part2"
tel me please where i can purchase the cd/dvd .
i love ireland radio;

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I will ask my professor if he knows it. He ahs a radio show that specializes in Celtic and World Rythms.
hi felicia,
well done, thanks for the reply.But i have to tell you that "Barry Dunne is just an animator" on ireland radio. i looked for dunne barry celticrock part2 on itunes, hihihi$
unknown, i heard a song with a woman, unfortunately. i did not catch the name.
this is not enought having his name scrolling there in the little window, he should have also put the names of groups and artists also. anyway,i'll be back there and i know i'll hear again about this song.
thanks from georgie france
I forgot about BArry Dunne as a radio personality--hope oy get the songs oyu were looking for; I don't like when thye don't tell which ar eplaying. Slan.
well i am in france, fond of celtic musics, flyfishing and a nice kuzan. i am a linux addict desperately.
take care.
Forgive my ignorance, but what is Linux addict? France must be beautiful this time of year? I always wanted ot learn how to flyfish--is it as reaxing as it seems? Kuzan? Oh I am so dumb!
well flyfishing is something wonderfull, just try thiis link
about "linux" this is an operating system just like windows, with this difference , it is free downloadable software. the most powerfull the world of operating system ever known.type it in a browser and read a bit about it.
best regards.
Thanks so much.I will read up on both. So where do you fish in France? Is it climate-wise crisp or kingd of given to rains daily or occassionally? I am so interested in visiting there too-was supposed to this summer, but had to change plans and France got bumped unfortunately.
well , i don't practice any flyfishing in france, unfortunately here high polution come
over destroying faune and flore. so we look mostly for some countries like ireland,
wales, finland, russia, or canada, usa also, yellow stones. here in france we better practice for surf casting by the sea side.
you are welcome here in france. weather here is "worst" rainy, windy,cloudy.
i guess summer come with a better mood( sorry for my english).dont' forget to browse you can watch some pretty videos about flyfishing in salt water.
best regards
thanks for the note--I will defintiely look at it. I am surprised that you get a lot of rain in France, but then again, you have those incredible flowers! where i the furthest you would travelt o fly fish? My boss enjoys it and golf. I told him he should move to Ireland to enjoy both more often!

Your English is fine. I always feel like a dumb American as I cannot spak multiple languages, and as I meet so many people in the world, I find they often speak 3-6 languages. I can ususally figure out what is being said, but can seldom reply, especially in the case of foreign films--which I love,buy the way. France has had some really ecclectic and interesting films that I have seen, but I always forget the names but seldom the stories! Go figure? chat soon.


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