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All right, since i just found the button to post a topic, as it was in white ON WHITE... heheh I want to pose the following question to the rest of you.

Whats the single greatest Pub song ever? What song is it, in your opinion that is so infectious that the whole place instantly starts clapping and singing?

i'll save my answer for further down th thread, just to see what others start saying...:)

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I'm not legally allowed to go into a pub, but I reckon that the greatest ever pub song would have to be I Get Knocked Down by Chumpawampa(I'm not sure on it's spelling)
NO WAY!!!!
Well Kennef....
very good question you have there.
For some reason the Wild Rover and Whiskey in the Jar are mostly played in Pubs which really really really gets on my nerves...hahahha.
I mean they are a nice songs and have an easy Chorus to sing along but for Trad Musicians like me its nothing i really consider as a Song to enjoy.
So its a matter of what the crowd of a pub is into. If you´re in a Trad Music pub you´ll probably hear more of Sean Nos singing and in my opinion its much more enjoyable than any loud Songs. Even if you dont understand the irish language, the Magic and Emotion the Singer gives into the Song will remain in yourself for ever.
Sorry..i didnt want to go too deep into Sean Nos singing but i wanted to express that there are different perceptions of getting infected by a song...:-)
I might start a thread about Sean Nos Singing the next days tho.
Thks for the Question....
Keep your Suggestions coming Folks!
Another fan of sean-nós here, although I haven't heard it much live (not enough travel, I know!) and agree--even if you don't understand the words, the feeling still comes across.

But back to the topic at hand...a good pub song needs a chorus a group that is the worse for drink can sing...which is why so many fall back on Wild Rover and Whiskey in the Jar! Something like Rocky Road to Dublin twists too many tongues,e specially late in the evening.
Sean Nos singing..that sounds interesting. I look forward to your (or anyone else's) explanation of what that is.
Sean-nós is literally 'old style'--it's usually unaccompanied, mostly in Irish, and vocally complicated with grace notes or ornamentation as an integral part of the song. The tune can vary from verse to verse. Smooth delivery and emotional content are very important and the song is greater than the singer--that's why the performer often either has eyes closed or looks away from the audience.

On LiveIreland, you may have heard 'Lambs on the Green Hills' (done traditional style but in English) or one of the songs from Sínead O'Connor's album 'Sean-nós Nua' (New old style).
Dear Kathy Jo do correct me if I'm wrong, but the group Night Noise does Sean-nos. It's on their self-titled CD Night Noise. It's an older CD, but worth the find. You will also hear it sung by the group Dervish. It is a type of vocalization without music?
some say the divil is dead, divil is dead divil is dead, some say the divil is dead, burried in kilarney..some say he rose again, some say he rose again, some s ay he rose again joined the .............?
british Army...:P
Depends on the pub and the crowd...'Wild Rover' gets people going because they know it, but I prefer 'Never Beat the Irish'.
Cathy hello luv , yes I agree with you- "Never Beat the Irish.".oh how true that tis....Haa thats why everyone loves us Irish cause we keep on fightin!!!
Here in BC Canada pubs anything goes as far as Irish is concerned...they love our stuff and weep like babies.
i agree with Cathy Jo about the chorus, because the best pub songs are all about participation. :)

I am quite fond of "Big Strong Man" and "Rosin' the Bow" when i go to the pub, of course the Irish Rover is popular, but i like something a little "west of center" i suppose


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