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All right, since i just found the button to post a topic, as it was in white ON WHITE... heheh I want to pose the following question to the rest of you.

Whats the single greatest Pub song ever? What song is it, in your opinion that is so infectious that the whole place instantly starts clapping and singing?

i'll save my answer for further down th thread, just to see what others start saying...:)

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Kennef, a mhic,
There are so many great ones. In the book, In search of the craic, the author eventually demands "Fields of Athenry" in almost every pub he goes to. Although it's a serious song (all thanks to Pete St. John for writing it!) the amount of overplay has caused some Irish folks to have fun with it. We have a group that during the chorus yell out after the line " . . . where once we watched the small free birds fly"
Another current favorite at our local is Gaelic Storm's Worst Day Since Yesterday I personally am fond of "German clockwinder"
Seven Drunken nights is probably the best known song in this area and I have to say it is probably the funnest to sing while trying to stand at the end of the bar.
Hey Irish...good tune..hehe well 7 drunken nights is bad enough...Try finning Irish beer here in BC......takes alot of bribery to get a keg for my birthday bash!!!!!!!..either way I shall kick up my heels and show off the best to all my non-Irish Canadaian bad your not closer..I could use a few more Irish about....Slainte
I can't think of a single greatest song, but there is a performer that comes to mind. His name is Pat Fish, a.k.a. The Jazz Butcher. This guy writes great songs with very black humor and y'just can't help but sing along.
You has to The Wild Rover. It's No, Nay, , nay, never, no more!!!!!
OK, I don't know if you hear it in many pubs (though I can't imagine NOT hearing it), but I've decided that I want "The Parting Glass" played (and sung) at my wake..!!
"So fill to me the parting glass, and drink a health whate'er befalls,
and gently rise and softly call, 'Good night and joy be to you all..!!'"
A lot of folks here like "Fields of Athenry", apparently. I'm partial to Shenaniganz' version myself, never mind that they're not Irish (they're from New Zealand). Among Irish musicians, then I'll vote for the Dubliners' version.
o/~ By a lonely prison wall I heard a young girl caaaaalling . . . o/~
Time for some Cancon (Canadian Content)
"Home for a Rest" Spirit of the West
There are a few cords that if played in any Canadian Pub will almost always be answered by someone singing "You'll have to excuse me I'm not at my best..."
"Isn't it Grand Boys" by The Clancy Bros. is great..but you have to be carefull!! my mates and I got caught out singing it a few times when we got to the verse:"Look at the widow" etc only to find someone had just died!!
has to be 'Will ye go, lassie go'.. especially at the end of the evening, after several pints of the best the pub has to offer..Won't have evryone clapping and dancing while it's being sung, but can guarantee the whole place will be singing the chorus.. before ordering another pint .. :o)
The Town I loved so well will get them quiet for a while.....for 6 minutes at least....
and I think "Song for Ireland" will do the trick as well
That's the great thing about Irish ; when you sing, they listen. Really appreciate that.

cheers, Kees
In heaven there is no beer thats why we drink it here !


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