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All right, since i just found the button to post a topic, as it was in white ON WHITE... heheh I want to pose the following question to the rest of you.

Whats the single greatest Pub song ever? What song is it, in your opinion that is so infectious that the whole place instantly starts clapping and singing?

i'll save my answer for further down th thread, just to see what others start saying...:)

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Okay, I'll add a few more noted, it depends on the crowd, but here are some with good choruses.
Black Velvet Band
Home, Boys, Home
I'll Tell My Ma
Hills of Connemara
For a more nationalist group--Wearing of the Green/Rising of the Moon or On the One Road
And for the sentimental crowd--
Red is the Rose
Irish Eyes (I know, but they will sing it!)
plus one of my favorites, Fiddlers' Green.
i agree with Rising of the Moon!!
also love Hills of Connemara and my daughter loves Tell my Ma
Cathy got to love favourites are Mile marbhaisg ( 1000 curses of love) and Who will raise their voice.........brilliant pipes in tis piece......get me everytime........I close my eyes and dance......hee hee been known to do that alot!!
...also luv if you get the chance buy Solas " Reunion " Cd........Fiddlers Green sdo a grand verson of "
I just picked up a Solas cd at the library yesterday, Erin!
Fiddlers' Green has a special meaning for me...a friend of mine died this year. She was a brilliant storyteller, a bit of a harper and very, very Irish-American (plus she had spent some time living on a boat) so I wrote up a slightly altered (call it personalized) version of the song that was handed out at her wake .."just tell my old shipmates I'm taking a trip, mates, and I'll see you someday in Fiddlers' Green". Now I always think of her when I hear it..and I smile.
I don't get much chance to go to pubs, but growing up listening to my father sing I always enjoyed Roisin The Bow, Cockles & Mussels, My Wild Irish Rose and the like.
Another Belfast favourite: "On the One Road"
Fields of Athenry
And I forgot...shame on me...A Soldier's Song doesn't cause a lot of carry on/hooting/stomping, but it's by golly played in most of the pubs at least once before closing time...Shame on US that we don't do the same.

Neither song I mentioned does...but they are played somewhere in Ireland every can make book on it. *S*
I would vote for "Fields of Anthenry" or "Irish Rover". I'm a bit partial to the Pogues version of Irish Rover myself.
Right Ateve, I like the Pogues version too.
I think I'll add that one to the music on my page!
ah yes molly why didn't i think of that? I may have to change my answer... I'll think about it.


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