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All right, since i just found the button to post a topic, as it was in white ON WHITE... heheh I want to pose the following question to the rest of you.

Whats the single greatest Pub song ever? What song is it, in your opinion that is so infectious that the whole place instantly starts clapping and singing?

i'll save my answer for further down th thread, just to see what others start saying...:)

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I think this is the most commented on tune in the bunch.
I agree.
The obvious answer to me is Big Strong Man. I heard it for the first time in Ireland and I absolutely loved it and brought it back to the states with me to educate the rest of my drinking buddies.
I'm somewhat partial to lively rebel songs, something about a few pints flowing through the veins and the beat and the lyrics just get me going. A few of my favorite standards are: broad black brimmer, boys of the old brigade, celtic symphony, black and tans, rifles of the IRA, the merry ploughboy, johnson;s motorcar.

A couple less traditional reb songs are: go on home british soldiers, stick your decommission up your arse, and the SAM song.
Has to be Dirty Old Town for me.
The Wild Rover always gets a huge response at our local Pub in Raleigh, North Carolina. However, among the more Rowdy Sex and Beer and Beer Beer Beer seem to get a a bit of a response. I particularly like I'm a Free Born Man. However, when the pipes start to play, the whole mood changes to Danny Boy, Flower of Scotland Etc. seem to be the order.
I like the song: Chandler shop. It's naughty but completly harmless song :p This what I like the most
In America when I was bartending last, the favorite was the country western song, I Got Friends In Low Places.Every drunk in the house knew the words to that one.Plus they had all the answers.
I'm particular to Tim Finnegan's Wake.
pretty good choice, but I like Rattling (?spell) Bog even better
Anybody ever hear "Kilkelly"? You'll have the whole pub cryin' their heart out....


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