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What's everyone's favorite Irish or Celtic group? I like John Doan, Celtic Woman, and The Wolfe Tones. ("You'll Never Beat the Irish" by Wolfe Tones is absolutely great!) I'm looking for all kinds of new groups, so be sure to throw any names into the discussion when you feel like doing so. Thanks, people!

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Definitely Lunasa! Kevin Crawford is not only a great musician, but also a wonderful performer. He's fun to see live.
Good choice, Teri. And you're right. Kevin is a super musician, and a really nice guy, as well. I got to have a couple of beers with him (and tons of other folks, too!) at the Swannanoa gathering in North Carolina.

The Pouges

Dropkick Murphy's

Afro Celt

Flogging Molly
Thanks to everyone for posting all of these artists; you all have provided some great names for me to look into. I'm sorry I haven't been on more, but hopefully I will be able to remedy this situation. Thanks again!
Hiya Coll:
Good choices. If you like those groups, you might want to give a listen to the New York based group
Mine's Clannad,The Chieftains,Afro Celt Sound System(mixed with afro),Enya(again not a group),Planxty,...oh boy I have a lot actually but I will just concentrate on the immidiate
A lot of what I listen to falls more into the "celtic" genre, but heres my short list. It was hard making it too.
1) Chieftans
2) Gaelic Storm
3) Dubliners
4) Celtic Woman
5) Seven Nations
6) Natalie MacMaster
7) Slide Show Baby
Some of these are American bands, but play with the fire in their hearts.
The Corrs
Some of my favorites:
The Chieftains
Gaelic Storm
The Clancy Bros.
The High Kings

Give 'em a try. I think you'll like them.
Flook and Gaelic Storm-I knew I forgot them!!!
Many moons ago, I fell in total LOVE with The Irish Rovers, even tho they ended up living in Canada, they DID start out from N. Ireland, and their music from "home" came with. I never heard a song they did that I didn't like, and they really got me interested in hearing more and then along came the Celtic Women. THEY are FABULOUS to listen to!
Very hard to say. Name one group, one musician or one singer among the "big ones" mentioned here, and you have a 70/30 chance of naming one of my favourites :-) .
But those who make me jump all over my place are Céili bands - such as Heather Breeze céilí band, Moving Clouds, Cruinniú (Caitlín Níc Gabhann is so brilliant!!!), The Kilfenora céilí band, The Allow céilí band - and... Thin Lizzy.


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