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What's everyone's favorite Irish or Celtic group? I like John Doan, Celtic Woman, and The Wolfe Tones. ("You'll Never Beat the Irish" by Wolfe Tones is absolutely great!) I'm looking for all kinds of new groups, so be sure to throw any names into the discussion when you feel like doing so. Thanks, people!

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It's hard to choose, but here's some:

Patrick Street
De Dannan

You can check out more at my Celtic Music: Lenses on Squidoo. I made all those pages/lenses because I really like the music.
Nice job on the hyper links. Thanks...pretty cool!!!
Here's my list (in no particular order):

The Chieftans
The Coors
Gaelic Storm
Cara Dillon
Eileen Ivers

I might be forgetting some but those are a few..
Bonjour Alexandre! If you want warm and ambient musicianship check out Capercaillie, they are very good. Salute!

Alexandre Boulet said:
The pogues is nice too
kinda ambient and warm music with nice instrument
something different :)

Pogues, Waterboys, Thin Lizzy, anything that "bounces", I could listen to Nan Tom Teaimin all day. It's surprising that nobody has mentioned the greatest Irish rocker of all time - Rory Gallagher.
Oh,there are so many,but i'll throw a handful out there...

Clannad~U2~The Chieftains~Nightwish~Alan Stivell~,and recently discovered Celtic Woman(Awesome!),and I can't leave out one of my all time favs~Van Morrison
Yes I forgot about her and Sarah McLaughlin as well!
Alexandre Boulet said:
I like this new artist that Erin made me discovered that is called Cara Dillon

Cara Dillon, I posted a video of her here at Live Ireland. Check it out in the video section, "Black is the Colour".
Alexandre Boulet said:
One name say it all Loreena McKennit !! Canadian irish artist who sing beautifull celtic music and other :)

her new cd midwinter night dream is awesome !

Her Live in Paris and Toronto (2 disk set) is awesome.
Try listening to The Prodigals. They sound a lot like The Pogues, and their songs "The Opening Reel" and "Bunch of Red Roses" were just in that new movie with Colin Farrell and Edward Norton, "Pride and Glory." If you're interested, you can download them here and here.
i'm really loving the prodigals like movehalfaninch else mentioned! they're so good. thanks for the recommendation.
Sinead O'Conner
The Fuchsia
The Elders (even though they are not all from there)
The Chieftans
The Wolfe Tones
and of course U2


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