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What's everyone's favorite Irish or Celtic group? I like John Doan, Celtic Woman, and The Wolfe Tones. ("You'll Never Beat the Irish" by Wolfe Tones is absolutely great!) I'm looking for all kinds of new groups, so be sure to throw any names into the discussion when you feel like doing so. Thanks, people!

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Grew up listening to Horslips. Fantastic instrumentals, especially Sword of light


 Flogging Molly seems to be fast and exciting music when in the local pubs having a few beers
I saw them in Reno for The Speed of Darkness Tour this past May. It was incredible!

For me it's gotta be trad all the way! groups like Lunasa and Altan and the band Donal Lunny formed Ciorras. Not to say though that I dont like singing bands I.e the high kings! ;) 


I kike The Irish Brigade, Eire Og, Larkin,Pat Woods,The Peelers, but most of all I love The Pogues.
the corrs
love the wolfetones!

1. Enya

2. Sinead OÇonnor

3. The Corrs

4. Clannad

5. Capercaillie

6. many others

1)   Dervish 
2)   Dubliners.
3)   The Fureys
4)   The Chieftains
5)   The High Kings
6)   The Wolfe Tones
The Wolf Tones; the Chieftains;  The High Kings; Planxty; The Dubliners - hey I could go on forever!  I really have to say I love most of the traditional music group.
The Script, Cranberries & Snow Patrol

Hi everybody out there,


lots of the real favourites have been mentioned.


I've found "The Elders" and "The High Kings" recently.


You'll also find interesting collections on 


Mr Perkins


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