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What's everyone's favorite Irish or Celtic group? I like John Doan, Celtic Woman, and The Wolfe Tones. ("You'll Never Beat the Irish" by Wolfe Tones is absolutely great!) I'm looking for all kinds of new groups, so be sure to throw any names into the discussion when you feel like doing so. Thanks, people!

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Wolfe Tones


Dubliners, especially Barneys banjo playing

Bothy Band

The Fureys

Marian Bradfield

Irish Descendants

In my book, it's The Chieftains all the way! I also like Great Big Sea, the Irish Rovers/Will Millar, and lots more, but The Chieftains reign supreme.

My favorite Irish group is the Wolfe Tones

Right now I'm listening to Mossy Nolan. new guy out of Dublin. Different but good.

!, Planxty

2. Flook

3, Chieftans

Personally I love the chieftains, but the clancy brothers, the dubliners and the pogues (though being from newfoundland) r pretty awsome too

Planxty,The Bothy Band,The Woods Band,Sweeneys Men and The Wolfe Tones.

My latest music diversion is Mossy Nolan. Check the video in the featured section.

Not bad!  Spencer the Rover is really lovely by him!  :-)

Dervish is number one for me. I have heard them twice here in California, and both concerts were superb. Close contenders are Altan and Solas. In addition, I listen to a lot of Loreena McKennitt, Lunasa, and the Corrs when they do the more traditional material - especially the live acoustic versions.

Brigids Cross (Ohio) Flatfoot 56(Chicago),Enya and Celtic Women !


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