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What's everyone's favorite Irish or Celtic group? I like John Doan, Celtic Woman, and The Wolfe Tones. ("You'll Never Beat the Irish" by Wolfe Tones is absolutely great!) I'm looking for all kinds of new groups, so be sure to throw any names into the discussion when you feel like doing so. Thanks, people!

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I am so glad to see Christy Moore come up as a favorite. I am a really true Christy Moore fan and have most of all of his works. Tis a shame that he won't cros the pond to .the USA. For all Chriisty Moore fans try U Tube. You won't be disappointed. Slainte !

Another Christy Moore Fan. Somewhere in my collection I have the Bothy Band's Greatest Hits. Also have Planxty.

I think Christy just came out with a new disc.

Right now my favorite is the dubliners. But my second favorite is a band out of Nashville Tn called nosey Flynn. I like them because they have been trying to bring the Irish culture and music to middle Tn.
The Irish Rovers

Bloody Irish Boys 

In Russia are popular:

Slua Si, Tintal, Later, Orthodox Celts

Ok, you need to check out the music from "The Prodigals". Their home pub is Paddy Reilly's Music Bar in Manhattan, NY and they are awesome !!!

Keith Harkin and the Durty StopOuts
Danu and Mutefish
i love the saw doctors; the original group is no longer together, but what wonderful memories we have of them...the green and red of mayo...take me to clare island...joyce country caeli band...N17 and so many more

The Corrs, The Cranberries, Delorentos, The Frames and The Pogues.


I love U2, Joanie Madden, Dervish, Altan, Solas, Cranberries, there are just too many to name.  If Celtic music ever dies,  the world will end, and the angels will cry.  Such beauty can never be silenced.  Such joy can never end.  Tears like the rain on the green hills. Emotions like the sweeping cliffs and soaring seabirds.  Mysterious as the misty sea, and as welcome as a pint raised amongst friends.  Music of the soul that moves the heart.  We must sing.  We must dance.  Only God Himself could stop us.

The Cranberries of course!!! By the way, anyone knows when the new album " Roses" is to be released??^^


Clancy Brothers


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