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Happy Birthday to us.

The way we were:

I can't believe it!! I need a break!

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Think about what you started nine years ago! the people you are bringing together! the sharing of the world's greatest folk music, the world's finest culture, the dreams of every "Irish" man and woman around the world. Who else has accomplished this? Here's to another nine, and more.

Go raimh maith agat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phransais in St. Louis
That is sooo awesome my friend. Thanks for all the great music! I listen to this channell mostly these days and getting my knowledge up on the many fabulous and incredible musicians and songwriters that you present. I'm afraid my budget won't accomodate all the cd's I need to purchase, that will take time, but I know I'll probably almost go broke in the pursuit! Here's to your first 9 and 99 more God willing! Thanks again! Seán from Calgary, Alberta Canada ;-)
Here's to another 9 years. At least 9 years. And besides, no holidays, we couldn't survive if that happened! Congrats and Cheers and Happy Birthday!
Happy St. Patricks Day and Happy 9th Anniversary!!! 9 Years is ancient on the net!!!
Congratulations! Happy 9th anniversary and Happy St.Patricks Day. Here's to many more years!
Nice page, even way back then.


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