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Please see my profile for background on this discussion. I want to make this the best send off for my greatest friend, my lover and my soulmate. Help me with your suggestions if you would.....Denise in Baldwin, Ontario

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Denise, It's me again! I'm a sentimental old fool who can't resist helping you out in your time of need. Think of all the past St. Paddy's day celebrations that you enjoyed with Tom. You know all the things he loved to do on this special occasion. Combine them all into one grand celebration. Invite all your family and friends, Provide plenty of food, drink, and don't forget the music, although I'd hold off on Danny Boy til the end. I can't even speak after that one!
At my Paddy's day parties I always put out the trad corned beef and cabbage and my specialty - Beef with Guinness, plenty of Irish soda bread (with cream cheese or butter) Enough Guinness to please the crowd, and maybe a wee bit of Jamesons (for the elders) and if you know of a local Irish Folk group, see if you can get them to come over to play for a bit. Just tell them of all the food and drink you'll be providing and who knows!

We always have a dart tournament and the winner gets a prize.
I require everyone to make a toast, in good Irish form. They all know this before the party and we get some pretty good stuff! Save the special toast, to your Tom, for last. It should be a fitting toast to a man who you all knew and loved, maybe by you if you can choke it out. I know I can't, but I try!

You are a special woman to be doing this for your Anam Cara (soul mate). I'm going to remember to say a toast for him on this very special St. Patricks Day!



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